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Txell Alarcón




Txell is a professional photographer and editorial graphic designer from Barcelona, stablished in Haarlem since 2012. Certified by Google to supply Virtual Tours for businesses and hotels.


Back in Barcelona, she owned a successful Photo Studio for five years Txell Alarcón Photo Studio, specialized in weddings, baby's, social photography and events as F1.


Currently, she works as independent photographer on commercial, corporate and interior photography for many different businesses. Also product photography for webshops.

Txell Alarcón photographer, Haarlem     +0031 618.420.390



The package you will receive: 


. The creation of the Interactive Virtual Tour.
. Improvement of your Google+ Local profile. This will also provide to your business first positions in the search results and costumers 
will be

invited to see your Virtual Tour, so your business will be easily reachable to more people, 24h x 365 days

. Link from Google’s Street View to your business.


How much it cost? 


. Prices are based on size of business and the number of panoramas required.
. Shoots can be tailored to your individual budget so any business can take full advantage of this opputunity.


How long will it take? 


Not long at all. After meeting to give you your individual quote I will work with you to find the most convenient time for your business.


. Photo shoots are quick, non-disruptive, and personalised. 

. It can be done during or outside of business hours.
. Your Virtual Tour will be published online and available to see usually within a few days of the shoot.

. Business FAQs for more information.


Make your Virtual Tour more interacive with the new featuring Tourdash



Txell Alarcón is your local Google Street View | Trusted Photographer

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See real examples of Virtual Tours: 

The square food and drinks, Haarlem

Jamón Jamón Delicatessen, Haarlem

ID Store, Haarlem

Gaivota Interieur Decorateurs, Haarlem

Impala Studios, Haarlem

Ozlines, Wijk aan Zee

Andrea XL, Haarlem

Le Coota, Erdeven. France

Google+ Profile


Google has created a powerful social media page for your business wich contain your basic information, address, web, working hours...


Your 360 Virtual Tour will become a prominent feature on your Google+ business page. Here, potential customers can get an extensive overview of your business. This page is also linked to Google search engine rankings as Google Plus Local pages are sorted by businesses that have added the most information to their listings.


I will upload your Virtual Tour on your G+ profile and later you can manage it adding pictures and information for your customers. Couldn't be easier!



What are the Benefits to your Business?


. Making your business easily findable on any Google search and grabbing the attention of potential customers (whether or not you have a website).
. No better way to show off the unique style, ambience and layout of your business to a wide audience and encouraging more customers to visit you.
. Helping you to stand out from your competitors. 

. Your Virtual Tour will appear on Google search results, Google maps and your Google+ page.

. Your Google+ Local Places Page is free, and it’s continually promoting you… 24/7, throughout the year.



Where will your Virtual Tour be found?










How does it work?


As trained photographer Txell Alarcón will simply come and take a number of panoramic photographs and also a number of high quality still images (Point of Interest photos). These will be connected, mapped and embedded into Google’s servers, to enhance your listing and give better search results to your Google Places page. 

From Google maps


If a potential customer search for your business in Google Maps, they can go straight into your tour via the thumbnail ‘see inside’ image on the left or they can easily access your Google+ page via the pin pointed info bubble on the map by clicking on ‘more info’.



From Google search 

At the right of the search you can see the new way that Google is displaying search results. When anyone enters your business name in the Google search engine you will appear with a small thumbnail image inviting to ’see inside’ your business. Clicking on ‘See Inside’ will bring your searcher straight into the virtual tour itself.






What Google Street View | Trusted can do for you?


Google "Street View | Trusted" are 360° tours around your business using the same technology as Street View.

Google Street View technology brings your business to life with a high-quality 360° interactive tour to give customers the ability to walk around and experience what your business has to offer.

The virtual tour will be visible on Google Search results, Google Maps and Google+ Local. Is the perfect tool for attract more potential customers!

I am a Google Street View | Trusted Photographer of businesses. Also if you are an hotel or B&B I can shoot a separate tour for your rooms, spa, conference facilities etc and your tour will go on Google Hotel Finder too.