Tsai  Lab

Chelsey  spriggs

Post-doctoral Fellow



Research: The role of molecular motors in Polyomavirus infection 

Year: 2017-present


Chelsey completed her PhD at Northwestern University where she studied human papillomavirus replication. Her interest in viral-host interactions brought her to the Tsai lab where she studies polyomavirus trafficking to the nucleus. Outside of lab, Chelsey enjoys painting, spending time with family and friends, and petting alpacas.



Post-doctoral fellow


Research: Elucidating the role of host membrane factors in SV40 infection

Year: 2017-present


Born in China, and finished her PhD in virology in Tohoku University in Japan between Oct 2011-Sep 2015. After a year of Post-doctoral research in Tohoku University, she moved to Ann Arbor with her family in Nov 2016. Currently, she is elucidating the mechanism of SV40 entry into the ER using biochemical and imaging techniques. In her spare time, she cooks, reads Bible, spends time with her kid and friends.