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For years, the rumor about Johnny Depp was that he wouldn’t take a role that required him to get a haircut. “Chocolat,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Once Upon a Time in Mexico,” “Sleepy Hollow” — unchallenging, mop-topped coincidences, or a career vanity? With “Transcendence,” he’s got a part that requires a shaved head in some scenes. And acting. Heneeds to suggest a brilliant scientist, the first to crack “the singularity,” a very smart man transferring his mind to a machine and thus achieving “Transcendence” —immortality.

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Depp cuts it off, but he doesn’t pull it off.This thoughtful but windy and winded sci-fi thriller shortchanges the science – understandably — and the thrills. The directing debut of “Dark Knight” cinematographer Wally Pfister is a mopey affair with indifferent performances, heartless romance and dull action. It transcends nothing.Depp is Dr. Will Caster, a mathematician, computer genius and artificial intelligence theorist who, with the help of his brilliant wife Evelyn (Rebecca Hall), is close to a computer that might “overcome the limits of biology.” It will think.That troubles his equally brilliant neuro-scientist/ethicist pal, Max (Paul Bettany) who doesn’t give voice to fears of a machine that wants to jump from tic-tac-toe to “Global Thermonuclear War,” SkyNET and HAL not opening the “pod bay door.” But you know he’s thinking it.And since this tale is told by Max in flashback, from a desolate, off-the-electrical-grid San Francisco five years in the future, we figure Max knows what he’s talking about.

Terrorists have decided that this project is a threat and try to blow it up and kill Dr. Caster. They almost succeed, sentencing the not-so-mad scientist to a lingering death. That gives his friends the chance to try and skip a few steps in their research. They’ll load the electrical and chemical contents of his brilliant mind — his thoughts, memories, ethics — into a vast machine and save his life.In a manner of speaking.And since we’ve seen a San Francisco where keyboards are only useful as door stops and cell phones are just so much worthless litter, we know this is where the trouble starts.Kate Mara suggests nothing fanatical, clever or fearsome as the leader of the RIFT revolutionaries who tried to kill Caster and who then kidnap Max. “What is it you want?”“Just some clarity.”Depp and Hall are supposed to have this “Ghost” level love, a romance of death-defying longing that drives her actions to save him, in spite of Will’s warnings to her. “Don’t lose yourself in this.”

They don’t set off sparks.Morgan Freeman shows up as a grandfatherly skeptic scientist, Cole Hauser as a dull military man brought in to deal with the growing problem that happens when Will’s insatiable brain gets on the Internet, manipulates Wall Street and starts to plan a technological revolution.(Watch Transcendence Online) The script suggests the miracles that bio-tech has in store for us — repairing injuries and infirmities with nano-technology, 3D laser printers and the like. The lame will walk and the blind will see. But there will be a cost, well, a cost common to sci-fi stories about “the singularity” and the unlimited power it promises. Depp is a bland presence as a disembodied face on a computer screen. Hall seems to wish she had a flesh and blood actor to emote to and Bettany spends far too much of the time with Mara, who has never been worse in a movie.As Max says, in his narration and elsewhere, this sort of dilemma seems “inevitable” given the state of our wired-in world. But we knew that from “The Terminator.”

The trick is to transcend sci-fi tropes, get past bogey-man “People fear what they don’t understand” and get into the experience of Will’s existence across the digital divide. “Transcendence” doesn’t.Merrily we roll along through the month that's just holding us back from the summer movie season and the movies that everyone really wants to see. But never fear, we only have a few more weeks to go and maybe there's a couple of buried treasures in this week's offerings… and maybe I could say that with a straight face if I didn't already know that this is the weekend that Marlon Wayans is releasing his sequel to A Haunted House. Never mind. Not only that but it's also Easter weekend,(Watch Transcendence Online) a little late this year, which means movie houses should get a nice bump in business on Good Friday, a day on which movie theaters tend to be as crowded as a normal Saturday. Since Easter Sunday tends to be slower, that will make all of the movies a bit more frontloaded than usual. Regardless of the options, there are three movies that stand a good chance at making somewhere in the mid-teens or maybe even as high as $20 million or more, although at least two of them are likely to be avoiding reviews.

On paper, the strongest offering would probably be the sci-fi thriller Transcendence (Warner Bros.), the directorial debut by Wally Pfister, Christopher Nolan's cinematographer for the "Dark Knight" movies and Inception, with a title as hard to get your head around as the latter. The movie is based on some of the theories about the singularity that deal with artificial intelligence and how humans can be improved through integration with technology, turned into a thriller starring Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman,(Watch Transcendence Online) Rebecca Hall, Paul Bettany and Kate Mara.Obviously, the big draw for the film beyond the sci-fi premise is the presence of Johnny Depp, who is still trying to put salve in his wounds after last year's disastrous The Lone Ranger bomb. This is a more subdued role for Depp, closer to something like Secret Window, which was one of the first movies to capitalize on Depp's growing popularity after the first "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie. Unfortunately, Depp isn't in the movie a whole lot, mainly as a computerized version of his character, so that leaves the others, and though Rebecca Hall and Paul Bettany were in last year's blockbuster Iron Man 3 (and Mara had a small role in Iron Man 2), Morgan Freeman being in the movie will probably be more of a draw than either of them.

The movie's primary target audience will probably be older males, science fiction fans and those interested in the subject of technology (which at this point, is everyone, right?) but it's not an easy-sell movie by any means, being more of a slow burn with a lot of techno-babble that might not play well with normal moviegoers who might be expecting something closer to Inception.Reviews, once they show up, may not be great but as mentioned before, Warner Bros. has the advantage of being able to open the movie in a thousand more theaters than the other new movies,(Watch Transcendence Online) which gives it a clear advantage to bring in more dough, although I'm dubious if it will do much more than $20 million this weekend and word of mouth probably won't help matters. Mini-Review: It's hard to exactly pinpoint where and why Oscar-winning cinematographer Wally Pfister's directorial debut goes wrong but it probably can be attributed to the fact that it tries hard to be a film for intellectuals, but ends up being a movie that's likely to come across as dumb to anyone who gives more than a passing thought to anything that happens.

Johnny Depp plays Dr. Will Caster, one of the most brilliant minds on the subject of artificial intelligence and how it can help mankind, working in tangent with his wife Evelyn (Rebecca Hall) and colleague Dr. Max Waters (Paul Bettany). When Caster is shot by a member of the anti-tech group RIFT, Evelyn and Max realize the only way to save his brain is to upload it to the computer system they designed. As Will's power grows, however, they wonder if that's really Will at work or if the computer itself is making the decisions.The premise of transcendence,(Watch Transcendence Online) derived from the theories of singularity glorified by the likes of Ray Kurzweil, is an interesting basis for a good sci-fi thriller, which is probably why this movie exists. The problem is that it's such an expansive idea that distilling it down to something simple enough that can work as a movie premise means that a lot of explanation and exposition is necessary and that's where "Transcendence" often stumbles.To be honest, even having done some reading on the theories of The Singularity, there were a lot of times during this movie where I really had no idea what they were trying to achieve, because we've seen far better uses of the conflict between man and technology before, whether it's "The Matrix" or "2001: A Space Odyssey."

Story aside, those going into the movie just for Depp might be disappointed when he disappears for a good chunk of the movie, as his wife Evelyn becomes his arms and legs, carrying out his plan to take over a small town and turn it into a compound where Will can expand his network and grow stronger.(Watch Transcendence Online) As one might expect from Pfister, he's created a terrific looking movie that pays a lot of attention to making every shot look great, but most of the performances feel flat including Depp, who spends much of his time on an LCD screen, and the strange casting choice of Kate Mara as Bree, the leader of the RIFT. Rebecca Hall always gives great performances, being such a strong dramatic actress, but it's hard watching her trying to bring her talents to another thriller that just falls short. (And honestly, most AI programmers probably look more like the cast of "The Big Bang Theory" than the good-looking cast Pfister has assembled.)

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Probably the strongest moments are the ones that solidify the romance between Will and Evelyn, really the heart and core of the film, but those moments are surrounded by a lot of silliness involving computer Will trying to make the community better using nanotechnology. There's just a little too much going on in "Transcendence" and yet very little of it really has much of an impact, because just as you're getting into it, something dumb happens that throws things off.(Watch Transcendence Online For With High Speed) It doesn't help matters that the movie opens with a scene showing the world in five years, basically giving away where things are going, thereby removing any sort of suspense about where things might end. That's not good for a movie trying to sell itself as a thriller, and clearly a lot of the problems are in the screenplay, which could have been reshaped by a stronger filmmaker and a cast that were giving it their all.While "Transcendence" has the potential for being a half decent techno-thriller, any momentum tends to get swallowed up by its failed attempts at being smarter than everyone in the room, which isn't exactly a good way to keep an audience invested.

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