People  You  May  Meet

hand drawn custom portraits to celebrate important people, relationships and events.



"Tracie drew me the most wonderful tear jerking, beautifully bittersweet, heart warming & meaningful family portrait I have laid eyes on." -CapeCodGypsy


People You May Meet is both an ongoing art project and a home-based art business. People contact me through my Etsy shop, send photos, descriptions and stories about loved-ones, relationships and events that are most important to them, and I create a custom hand-drawn portrait for them.


This project combines collaborative process, story telling, sentimentality and gift giving, and accessible art. It helps people make visible their identity, relationships, and the things they are most proud of. 



What I care about and am inspired by:


1. People and the things that make them, *them.* 
I’m most inspired by people's quirks, passions and the accomplishments that make them proud.


2. Tradition and celebration as a way to mark life’s transitions. 
I want to help you capture a memory and create a new heirloom. I care about commemorating rights of passage, unions, big events, beginnings and ends (graduations, weddings and commitments, baby showers, new jobs, retirement…)


3. Connections between people (and pets) who bring out the best in each other. 
This can include friends, coworkers, teams, mentors, couples, siblings, parents and families. It can also include the people that make your life better in small ways: your bus driver, mail carrier, hairdresser… 


4. Giving good gifts. 
A good gift is personal, memorable, and highlights what you most love about the person you are giving it to.


5. Collaborative art processes. 
I want to listen to your story and make sure it comes to life in the portrait. And then, when it arrives in your mailbox and you open it up, I want you to smile. 


I am excited to hear from you about the people you love and why you love them.

Tracie Pouliot

community artist