The Importance Of Hiring A Web Developer Or Web Engineer


A lot of people, especially those who are not tech-savvy, would interchange the idea of website engineers when hiring a web developer. They are similar but not really--semantics.


Do you know the difference between website developers and website engineers? The reason why this is asked is that people (even those in the marketing industry) interchanged them. This is the usual thing to happen. Web developer is more used, so that when talking about website engineers, some people would refer to them as web developers.


Are they right? Not quite! But generally speaking, they have the same context as they are both tasked to take charge of the development of a well-designed business website. And the expectation is for a particular biz site to work positively. The performance should be great. Meaning, there have to be more sales and revenues to be generated. This is the essence why hiring a web developer or a web engineer is badly recommended.


A website engineer is a web developer to its core. But a web developer isn’t necessarily a web engineer. The difference? A web developer creates a website—that’s the basic description. But a website engineer has higher learning. They have finished a tech degree on website development and have earned various certificates for training and seminars. 


Basically, a website engineer is a web developer but you can’t say that a web developer is a web engineer. 


This begs the question: do you need website engineers?


When to be hiring a web developer?


You know what’s the issue with well-educated people in general? They are expensive! And rightfully so. But if you are a small business looking for someone to create a website, then the web developers for hire will do. Don’t worry, website developers are not lower beings. Web engineers are just more educated. And just like any jobs around the world, there are bad and good developers, and bad and good web engineers. It’s all up to you when you will be hiring a web developer that can help you with your business website design, development, and marketing.


So when should you hire a website engineer? If you have a web design company, then you should have a website engineer or two—maybe even more. Why? Because they are great at solving problems. Actually, every web developer should be a problem solver. However, the web engineer just has a higher academic learning and usually more experience, which means, they can easily solve complex problems related to technology. 


Understand the essence of innovation


Innovation works because website engineers are trying to solve a problem. Let’s be more specific. The website, of course, is the business’s link to its customers. This is also the way for customers to get to know the businesses. The basic website just contains information about the business and maybe a showcase of what its products and services are. But then a problem came up on the side of the clients. They want what was in the website and they want it ASAP. 


However, the customer couldn’t go to the store right away because they are stuck at home for various reasons. Maybe they are a single mother taking care of children at home and it would be too much of a hassle to drive to the store. Or maybe this person is busy with work.


The next step would be for the prospective customer to call the store. But no one is answering! This is where the web application becomes important. With the web app, the client’s wants and needs can be relayed the moment they thought of it. Although, it doesn’t mean that it can be given to the customer right away. 


The thing is, a web app is very accessible. You can access it anytime of the day, even at midnight if necessary. The problem was how the store can become more accessible to a lot of people and the answer was the web app. It’s something that website engineers can easily create.


From the very start


Of course, a web app can only be possible when the website was created. The website is like an extension of the store while the web app is the extension of the website.


A lot of web developers may not know how to create a website application. This is mostly a job for a software developer. However, this might be a job for a website engineer. An engineer mostly understands the deeper technical aspect of the website. If you are a small business owner and you haven’t thought of creating a website, then the coronavirus surely has changed your mind.


What the COVID-19 pandemic taught us is that the virus could easily spread. So unless there is already a vaccine or cure of the virus, it is best to avoid going out of the house. If we do go out, we need protection. We need to wear a mask. We also need to wash our hands all the time.


What does this have to do with business websites?


If people are afraid to go out, then business will suffer. In fact, a lot of countries have ordered for lockdowns. This meant that people were only allowed to leave the house for essentials. If your business is non-essential, then you were ordered closed as well. Slowly, though, countries have already opened their economies. But some businesses were already forced to close after the financial difficulty they endured during the lockout. If businesses open, they have to expect a dip in their sales

Let’s look deeper into it: while we see a lot of anti-maskers, there are also those who don’t like to go out anymore. These people don’t make the news, though. But there are actually some people who prefer to just stay home and order stuff online—essential items or not. Then businesses definitely need more than just a website. If you are one of these businesses that want to stay afloat during the pandemic, then you have to adjust to the technological innovations. You have to take advantage of the benefits as well.


Synthesis: Look for a web engineer, not only a developer


Because you really have to make your business profitable through a website, you should be getting a website engineer. Sure, they are a bit more pricey. That’s because you are paying for their knowledge, skill and experience. It’s actually worth it because this means that you just need one person to do your website and web app. Of course, these two things can be done separately. Sometimes, the two people you employ to create the website and web app could be cheaper than hiring just one engineer. But it’s worth it and the stress is lower.


How? The stress is lower because you just need to look for one person, the website engineer, rather than two: web developer and software developer. It’s actually stressful looking for these people because you want to find the right person to create your website and web all. These could make or break your business after all. 


There will also be cohesion when the website and web app are just done by one person. This means that there is only one continuing thought to creating both important matters in business. We already know that having a website is important. The pandemic taught us that it takes more than just a website—there should be a web app, too.