The type of supplements in the market


There are mainly two types of supplements; they are grouped according to the ingredients contained in each. Some contain ingredients from natural sources, while others contain chemical based ingredients. However, is good to understand that not every supplement label as natural is proven. There has been cases where some brands contain ingredients which are not included in the listed ones. This has raised the alarm to most dietary monitoring board, they are becoming more vigilant to ensure the manufacturers use good processes when producing the supplements. There are laws which are enforcing them to indicate all the ingredients contained; otherwise the product is removed from the market. The advantage with natural proven supplements, is that they list all the ingredients because they know their side effects are manageable.


Natural and man-made


Natural proven supplements may contain, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and other botanicals. There are several ways to understand the ingredients of a supplement; the name of the natural supplement, the name will give you aclue of what the product is made of. However be careful not to be deceived by the name, it may be attractive for marketing purposes. The next factor to consider is the name and address of both the distributor and the manufacturer, this is in cases there is a problem with the product. With all these, solving the problem will be easy and less time consuming. The list of ingredients should be included and well explained. The active ingredients, should be indicated to enable the consumer what they are consuming. The best way to compare ingredients of different supplements, is by obtaining the dietary supplements labels databases. They contain all the ingredients of all dietary supplements, this makes comparing very easy.


Side effects


The other difference between supplements is the side effects, natural proven supplements have less side effects compared to the man- made. There are other cases where the side effects exceed the manageable level and will require specialist attention. The following situations will require you to seek specialist attention, most people use the services of a general practitioners. The first situation would be when the general practitioner (GP) advises you to do so. The side effects may lead to severe conditions which require more skills than that of a GP, and they may direct you to the right specialist.Another way is when the time interval given in the instruction is over and there are no results. This may mean that your body is reacting differently from any other. Another situation is when the side effects exceed the manageable level, and the GP has no effective equipment to conduct further tests. Do not ignore because this might lead to severe conditions, which may cost you more money to treat.