Combining the highest-quality and, whenever possible, organic & local ingredients, Test Kitchen Bakery creates amazing delights that appeal to anyone wanting a scrumptious treat.


Test Kitchen Bakery firmly believes that everyone and anyone (even people with food allergies) should be able to enjoy a delicious oven-fresh and great tasting treat if they want!

Test Kitchen Bakery has tested and perfected your favorite recipes to make them just for you!


Andrea, founder of Test Kitchen Bakery, has been baking since she

could pick up a measuring cup.  In 2010, she found out she was allergic to eggs (an ingredient found in almost all baked goods) and she instantly changed her recipes and started creating egg-free goodies.

Further educating herself and talking with others about food allergies she soon discovered a lack of allergen-free (specifically gluten-free & vegan) baked goods and set out to change that. 


Test Kitchen Bakery is Andrea‚Äôs solution to the lack of great tasting gluten-free and vegan options out there.