Come and Join Us... gather around the fire and celebrate the ancient ways of honouring and giving thanks for the turning of the year!


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Fire is what holds people together in community and heart. Fire is a place to come together for warmth and connection, not only the physical level, but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We gather in community around the sacred fire, and as we hold our intentions for ourselves and others, we can find our stresses and difficulties transformed.


We are strengthened by our collective intentions which help to restore balance us in ourselves. We can go forward in life with more confidence and belonging, knowing we are not alone but an integral sacred part of life.


The traditional Celtic Fire Festivals are celebrated at 8 turning points in the year, marking the shift of light and shadow in the Earth's journey around the Sun.


The Fire Festivals are:

  • Samhain (Halloween time) - This is the Celtic New Year. it is a time for new intention, as what grows always begins in the dark. Whether it be the child in the mothers womb, or the seed that germinates in the earth. 
  • Winter Solstice - This marks the darkest point of the year as we welcome the return of the light and celebrate hope and renewal​.
  • Imbolc (Bridgets Day) - This marks the initial stirrings of Spring when the first flowers and green begin appear, and the Earth slowly begins to awaken from the deep winter's dreaming.
  • Spring/Vernal Equinox - This is the time of the balance of light and shadow, equal day and night, as Spring gathers momentum. At this time a doorway of possibility opens for transformation. 
  • Bealtaine (May Day) - This is the celebration of fertility, sexuality and the wild abandon to life. It marks the union of male and female bringing prosperity, sensuality, abundance and new life to the land. 
  • Summer Solstice - This is the longest day of the year when we can receive in the golden life giving rays of the Sun at its zenith. 
  • Lughnasa - This is a time of ripeness and receiving the bounty and abundance of the harvest and the Sun, taking it within us to replenish and sustain us for the times ahead. 
  • Autumnal Equinox - This is again a time of the balance of light and shadow, equal day and night, as Autumn and the darker days gather. At this time of equanimity a doorway of possibility opens.


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