Ireland is majestic and wild ,seducing us into her magic. She is feral and edgy yet softly embracing, vulnerable and powerful, She is willing to lead you into the emerald heart of the land, to the ancient fires of ecstasy and the quiet pool of reflection. You can journey into her peace, reclaiming your sovereignty and your own authentic voice. She is fluid like the spiralling rhythms of the land, leading you into the dance of faery,deep into the green Sidhe mounds.Her voice is haunting, once heard, never forgotten as she will speak to you in dream no matter how far away.

Sweat Lodge Ceremonies


The Sweat Lodge ceremony has been performed by indigenous peoples around the world from ancient times up to the present and is a simple and powerful antidote to the mind maze of our modern Western culture. It purifies, restores and opens to our heart bonding with life, to experience our lives as a gift and a blessing. The ceremony clarifies our path in life and strengthens us to take the steps we need to celebrate our lives and bring them into balance.


If any community is interested in building their own Sweat Lodge, please get in touch as we are willing to advise.









Fire Teachings


Fire is life, it is passion, creativity and illumination. It is initiation, the spark of life.


These teachings are for those who hold the earth as sacred and understand the power of fire to transmute and transform. They are designed for us to assess our own internal fire and brings through a message of awakening, hope, creativity and passion.











Dance of the Animals Workshop


This is a one day ceremonial workshop to explore our relationship with the animal kingdom and to quest animal allies that may support us to find heart and courage in our lives. This will be done with respect, gratitude, and in celebration of the unceasing contribution that our animal brothers and sisters make to our well-being.










The Temple of Éiriú holds events and ceremonies throughout the year some of which are outlined below.


These hold the intention of connecting us to the rhythm of Grandmother Earth, bringing us back into balance, and as an offering to Éiriú, Grandmother Earth and all of her worlds.








Vision Quests


We offer the opportunity for Vision Quests at certain times of the year.










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Temple  of  Éiriú - Celtic Tradition

Every Day Goddesses


Come join your sisters for a journey into the wild desires of Heart

Come and be a part of the ecstatic dance of the Goddess

Come and find your path back to Beauty

Come and rest in the deep peace of the Earth

Come and be free


The focus of this course is for creative communication between the sexual and the spiritual parts of ourselves so we can sit comfortably in our lives, claiming our self authority as Woman.