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It will be a whole year of celebration awaits us this 2016 for the PEARL REUNION Celebrants of Saint Rose Catholic School Paniqui Tarlac High School Class of 1986. Please see the SCHEDULE of Activities for the whole year next year and keep posted on updates every now and then. This is it!  Happy PEARL  Reunion for THE TROPANG KULIT Class!





Calling the attention of  Saint Rose Catholic School - High School Class of 1986 Alumni members. You are highly enjoined to organize and host an event for our whole year PEARL Reunion Celebration. Events can be a dance party, playnight, slumber party, simple dining plus tete-a-tete, exclusive night(examples; all males only, all females only, all abroad-based only, locals only, fat ones only, thin ones only), bingo socials, selfie-night,etc. You must be the host to the concierge, venue and communications for your event to be effective and successful. Just inform us via the contact page for the schedule to be published here. Come ONE, come ALL!unless exclusive by invitation event) Alumni







Saint ROSE Class of 1986

Pearl reunion

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