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The term Classical Guitar, also referred to as "Spanish Guitar", is a reference to both a type of guitar and a genre with associated playing techniques.


What we call the "Classical Guitar" almost always utilizes nylon or synthetic treble strings and the technique very rarely calls for the use of a pick or plectrum; most often the player uses the fingertips and strikes the string with a combination of fingernail and flesh.


In this usage, the word "Classical" refers to the genre known colloqually as "Classical Music", not to the "Classical Period" of Western Music, ca. 1750 - 1820.


Indeed, there exist written works for guitar and it's forefathers (oud, lute) that were written as early as the 12 century. Its lineage can be traced back to several instruments of the Ancient world, including the Greek lyre. 


The first fretted string instruments are belived to have originated in Asia and India and subsequently migrated to Europe during the High Middle Ages ca. 1000AD.


However, the modern classical guitar as recognized today is generally agreed to have been developed in the 1800's; most notably by the Spanish luthier Antonio Torres, which is why it is referred to as the Spanish Guitar.

Modern/Contemporary c.1910-Present

Choros (No.1) - Heitor Villa-Lobos
Estudios Sencillos I-X - Leo Brouwer
Maple Leaf Rag - Scott Joplin
The Entertainer - Scott Joplin
Once Upon A Time In America - Ennio Morricone
Across The Universe - Lennon/McCartney  Arranged by John Hill
Romantic Period  c.1830-1910
La Maya De Goya Tonadilla - Enrique Granados
Granada (Serenade) from Suite Espagnole Op.47 - Isaac Albéniz
Sevilla (Sevillanas) from Suite Espagnole Op.47 - Isaac Albéniz 
Asturias (Leyenda) from Suite Espagnole Op.47 - Isaac Albéniz
Capricho Arabe Serenata - Francisco Tårrega
Recuerdos de la Alhambra  - Francisco Tårrega
Minuet from ‘Pensées Melodigues’, Op. 38 No. 1 - José Ferrer
Sicilienne from Op. 38 No. 4 - José Ferrer
Classical Period  c.1750-1830
Rondo Alla Turca from Piano Sonata No. 11 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Moonlight Sonata from Piano Sonata No. 14 - Ludwig van Beethoven
Fur Elise - Ludwig van Beethoven
Etude in B Minor Op. 31 No. 18 - Fernando Sor
Sonate Brillant Op. 15 - Mauro Giuliani
    Allegro Spirito
    Allegro Vivace
Andante - Ferdinando Carulli
Waltz - Ferdinando Carulli
Rondo - Ferdinando Carulli
Sonatine Op. 71 No. 1 - Mauro Giuliani
Baroque  c.1600-1750
Prélude from Suite pour violoncelle no.1 - J.S. Bach (version Segovia-Ponce)
Spring from the Four Seasons - Anonio Vivali
Sarabande In E Minor - Lodovico Roncalli
Cancion O Tacata - Santiago de Murcia
Vivace - Adam Falckenhagen
Minuet in E - Adam Falckenhagen
Minuet in E Minor - Robert de Visée
Minuet in G - Anonymous
Sarabande - Anonymous
Renaissance  c.1400-1600
Fantasie - John Dowland
Spagnoletta - Anonymous
Tanz - Georg Furhmann
Branle Gay - Jean Baptiste Besard
Toy - Francis Cutting
Wilson’s Wilde - Anonymous
Lesson For Two Lutes - Anonymous
Brangle De Bourgogne - Adrien Le Roy
The Parliment - Anonymous
La Volta - Anonymous
Sonnet - Enrique de Valderråbano
Pavan - Loius Milan
Fantasia - Anonymous
The Round Battle Galliard - John Dowland
Tarlton’s Resurrection - John Dowland

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