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Miss Joan


A single woman, just trying to get by in the roughest era in American history. On the outskirts of Texas, Miss Joan lives a life of goodwill to her townspeople. Known throughout the area for her performances, and sings to a piano player at local saloons. Her beauty attracts everyone. Thankfully, the pay is good, which gives Joan a opportunity to take part in her favorite hobby. Collecting rare bras. Bra collecting is a normal thing for Joan. Because of her incredibly large breasts, she traveled far and wide looking for a shop that can make her a comfortable, yet supportive bra. Joan was raised in a Convent with seriously strict nuns. The women never had a problem with her ever since she was abandoned at the doorsteps as a child. They adored her, and treated her as their own. But unfortunately, as Joan grew towards womanhood, she knew this was not the life she wanted to live. As Joan grew, her breasts became a head turning situation towards every man in town. She was the only woman in the area with such profound curves. Her figure creates its share of unwanted attention. From rough bandits, to downright loathsome villains, Joan has to go through life day to day dealing with unsavory individuals with one thing on their minds, her incredible body. Swindlers and dangerous men have no problem letting go of their scruples when Joan enters their view. Mad scientists are intrigued with Joan. So much so, in fact, they would go through great lengths to spend some time with Joan's busty frame. To developing outrageous enhancing drugs, to just pure lust, the evil side of science always has room for Joan. These numerous encounters have lead Joan down perilous roads, but luck always finds a way to turn the tables in her favor. From time to time, her naivety will lead her into trusting strangers with usually an ulterior motive. Her kindhearted nature can lead to trouble.


Miss Joan #2


Issue two contains part two of the Undressed saga, plus more short stories by various artists. Kick the perilous adventures up another notch or two.

Cover Issue 01

Miss Joan: Madman Strikes


A mad scientist with delusions of grandeur. But his delusions become reality as he tests an experimental expansion drug on a unwilling subject... The beautiful Miss Joan.

Expansion Fairies #1: Joan Popper


Magic meets lust as Joan tests her powers on a group of wild classmates. Her curves may be pure magic, but like all magic, its unpredictable and unstable.

Miss Joan #1


The first issue of Miss Joan. Features short stories and the prologue of the Undressed saga. A great introduction to Joan's western follies.

Miss Joan Sketchbook #1


Feast your eyes on the early artwork of Miss Joan by Sam. Never before seen pieces of wonderful pencil and ink art. Initial stage development art from Sam's desk to your eyes.

Miss Joan Sketchbook #2


Watch the beauty of Joan develop in the second sketchbook. Wild ideas and untethered imagination. These pencils and inks showcase even more works from Sam.

Miss Joan Sketchbook #3


Want to see more even more Joan? Then look no further than the third installment of Sam's sketchbook. More incredible scenes of sexy peril and perhaps a glimpse into the future of Miss Joan.