Light, bright room adorned with the "Steel Magnolias" King Bed from Macy's. 


The whole line is beautiful, beachy, and comes in a

soft off-white patina. 


Pics of the matching dresser & armoire,  coming soon.


Wendy Klein, Design Consultant & Owner. 


A former software developer anxious to replace bits & bytes with something more tangible, I developed a love for design and decor.


My big move to Hawaii several years ago allowed me to expand my tastes beyond the East Coast traditional to include newer trends in design. 


A lover of all things Vintage, I'm so excited to see the latest trends point towards this particular style. 


See images below for some fun inspiration.   


Stylish S p a ce s

serving island of Oahu

Interior Decor Services.

Property Management.


Furnishings, Lighting,

Color Schemes,

Kitchen & Bath, e.t.c.