Ross has a modern, flexible and well maintained kit.  His standard kit can be expanded easily to accommodate your production, whatever its size or requirements.  The following items are included in the standard kit.

Sound Devices 664

12 Channel Mixer/Recorder


Sony UWP D11 Radio Mics (3x)

Digital Hybrid System fitted with Sanken Coss II mics

(can also be used for camera hops)


Blackbox Wireless Time Code Link


Sennheiser MKH60 Shotgun Mic


Sennheiser MKH416 Shotgun Mic


Cabled Sony ECM 77 Personal Mics (2x)


Beyer Dynamic M58 Stick Mic


Panamic Boom Poles (mini, midi & maxi)


Rycote Modular Suspension & Full Windjammer kit

For maximum wind isolation


P1 Presenter Headphone Amp / Pot Box

For providing live transmission clean feeds to presenters,

or agency feeds to director on set


Dual DI Box

For interfacing musical instruments and other external audio systems


Box of Magic Tricks

Containing the million and one little things that ultimately save the day


Ross Blackmore

Television, Film and Radio Sound




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