Radio Drama: Foley, Spot FX & Grams



Creating realistic and unique sound effects and audio landscapes through foley, location recording, and utilisation of sound effects libraries. From a motorboat wrecking on rocks in a storm through the royal courts of 12th Century Japan to a trout being electrocuted by a cattle-prod.

As Foley Artist; planning and executing all foley work plus technical supervision on studio floor, floor management of actors and manipulation of studio space and microphones to create acoustic environments.

As Grams Operator; creating, collating and queuing recorded effects. Layering and building environments, events and actions to play in. Recording, exporting and archiving studio output.


Credits Include

The Grapes of Wrath (BBC R4)
McLevy Series 9 (BBC R4)
A Case for Paul Temple (BBC R4)
Paul Temple and the Gregory Affair (BBC R4)
Calum’s Road (BBC R4)
The Pillow Book (BBC R4)
The Black House (BBC RS)
Baby’s Coming Back (BBC RS)
Mark Nelson’s Guide to Marriage (BBC RS)
The Sensitive (BBC R4)
Cherry Blossom Whisky Company (BBC R4)
Writing The Century (BBC R4)
Behind Closed Doors – Safe House (BBC R4)

Desperate Measures (BBC R4)

Homeless (BBC R4)

Sullom Voe (BBC R4)

Samhraidhan Dìomhair (BBC RNG)

Ross Blackmore

Television, Film and Radio Sound




Sound Recordist,    Deputy Sound Supervisor,    Studio Manager, 

OB/Studio Crew,  Foley Artist,  Fisher Boom Op,   Boom Pole Op.

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