Keel-scaled (Round Island) Boa

Casarea dussumieri


Size: 1.5m


Population: 4/hectare


Juveniles are bright orange











Mauritian ornate day gecko

Phelsuma ornata


Size: 10cm


Population: 261/hectare


Important pollinator










Round Island day gecko

Phelsuma guentheri


Size: 25 - 30cm


Population: 15/hectare


Glue eggs to tree trunks or rocky coves











Round Island is internationally famous for its reptile community. All of these are endemic taxa to Mauritius. Four to five species were prior to re-introductions onto other offshore islets restricted to Round Island, Guenther’s Gecko, Telfair’s Skink, Keel-scale Boa, and Durrell’s Night Gecko. Known reptile extinctions from Round Island include giant tortoises and the Burrowing boa.



Durrell's night gecko

Nactus durelli


Size: 9cm


Population: 189/hectare


Vocal gecko - 'Chink chink chink...'











 ROUND ISLAND  (Île Ronde)

Bojer's Skink

Gongylomorphus bojerii


Size: 12cm


Population: 238/hectare


Named after the naturalist Wenceslas Bojer.












Telfair's Skink

Leiolopisma telfairii


Size: 30-40cm


Population: 202/hectare


Feed mainly on invertebrates and fruits and are very inquisitive.










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