...the removal of the goats and rabbits was the start of an ongoing restoration plan to reforest the island by planting native palms and hardwood trees. The forest will provide further habitat for the birds and reptiles on the island.


Plants are propagated on the island but reserve plants are brought over from another nursery. Transplanting palm seedlings is carried out on the island to increase the survival of seedlings as they do not grow under the mother tree.


To protect the plants from burrowing birds they were planted in cages but this could only be done in deep soils. As available deep soil became scarce, plants were then planted in shallow soil which wasn’t used by the birds.


Although tortoises are on the island to control the invasive vegetation they occasionally trample the small saplings.


The planting has been successful and now trees planted early on in reforestation are starting to produce fruit. 


 ROUND ISLAND  (Île Ronde)

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