ROUND ISLAND  (Île Ronde)

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Monitoring is carried out on the island by MWF wardens and volunteers. In accordance with the management plan there are many research programs underway and most require regular data collection. Of the fauna; reptile transects are walked to calculate population estimates, different bird species are monitored using the mark/recapture method, the petrels get special treatment as their movements away from the island are studied with geolocators, and the tortoises are monitored with greater regularity to see how they are using the island and ensure they are healthy. For the flora; establishing whether the plants are surviving from year to year is crucial and a plant census is conducted annually on all plants planted since 2001. Phenology of the tree species is studied.


Monitoring enables the wardens and managers to identify how the island is changing with the new forest and the tortoise rewilding program. It also allows for changes to be made to the management plan based on observations made in the field. The regularity of the monitoring also provides an opportunity to explore the wonderful island and find some of the surprises it has to offer.