ROUND ISLAND  (Île Ronde)

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The history of Round Island is well documented from seafaring explorers of the 19th century to new age conservationists of today. 


1800 - two species of giant tortoises (Cylindraspis sp.) are extinct although one individual was removed from the island around 1840.


Goats (1840 - 1868) and rabbits (1810)were introduced causing the decline of native flora and fauna


1870 - Barkly mentioned the degradation caused by the alien herbivores.


1900 - 1960 - the island was visited more frequently and more detailed records of the island's ecology emerge. 


1976 - 1982 Goats eradicated.


1976 - Golden Bats and Pink Pigeons by Gerald Durrell tells the story of his adventures in Mauritius.


1977 -  Captive breeding program of the keel-scaled boa commence at the Jersey Wildlife Preservation trust (Durrell) successfully breeding a population.


1984 - Mauritian Wildlife Foundation established to preserve the nation's biodiversity. 


1986 - Eradication of rabbits


1996 - MWF expand conservation projects to include restoring islets. 


2001 - Field station constructed on Round Island


2001 to now - intensive planting of native trees to replace lost hardwood and palm forest. A permanent presence on the island protects it from further human disturbance and alien species.

Gerald Durrell and crew filming on Round Island (Picture: T.Gardener)

Picture of a plate from 1880 Mauritian newspaper