Clickstream Consulting Inc is a firm based in Vancouver - business, technology and human capital solutions. From the firm's virtual offices in Vancouver to locations throughout the different areas of the world where our clients and partners are we believe in meeting client needs from day-one. Randeep Dosanjh & Partners serves a diverse client base with respect to matters involving technology, human capital, business strategy as well as a survey branch which aims to do research for publications.


Clickstream Consulting Inc and the firms within it are a part of the Randeep Dosanjh Group. These firms were started to help people with their business goals and to aid others in finding careers.


Our mission with any of our businesses is to deliver the best service in the industry. With our human capital services to our business technology consulting solutions, you will get work which is on time, within budget, without cutting corners. That’s a promise you can take away from us from day one!


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