illusion of the show
illusion of originality
illusion of being someone you can not be

illusion of one being two, or two being one

illusion of fusion
illusion of regularity
illusion of a machine
illusion of domination
illusion of a relationship
illusion of an exchange
illusion of being loved
illusion of hypnosis
illusion of a super power of communication



Come to see us !

We will take care of you, your comfort and your happiness. This is the only reason why we are here. We want to be sure you are in perfect conditions to see our

Pop Song.
We really want you to like us !


Be ready to awaken your senses. The more your sensitivity grows, the closer to the sensation of happiness you get. You will see, in our song, everything will be charming to you, because we've sought to please your aesthetic senses. 


Our Pop Song

Will Never Be




Alina Bilokon and Lea Rault  I  Creation and



Jeremy Rouault  I  Music Creation


Thibaut Galmiche  I  Light Design

Anna Le Reun/Under The Bridge I  Costumes


Co.production Office Municipal Culturel de Loudeac I Itineraires Bis.


Support Ministere de la Culture et de la Communication _ DRAC Bretagne, au titre de l`aide à la creation I Conseil General des Cotes d`Armor I Le Musee de la Danse I Centre Culturel Mosaïque de Collinee I Le Triangle _ Cite de la danse I Collectif Danse Rennes Metropole I Association de Musique de Plouguenast I Le lycee de Kernilien _ Plouisy I La Passerelle _ Scene Nationale de St Brieuc. 

Aknowledgements Merci à Eleonore Didier et Arnaud Stephan pour leurs precieux conseils et leur aide apportee au projet.

Alexandre Gilles, Francis Abautret, Michel Rault, Nicole Rocaboy, Roberte Rocaboy, Ronan Berthomé, Sylvain Richard, les tontons flingueurs.

Un grand merci à Dominique Mahe et l`equipe du Le26, Elsa Boncoeur et Jerome Bardeau. 

4 April 2013 - Festival Objectif 373, Plouisy, France  -  work in progress

18 October 2013 - Dimanche au Garage, rennes, France  -  work in progress

18 April 2014  -  OMC, loudeac, France  -  Premiere

19 June 2014  -  La Passerelle, Saint Brieuc, France

18 October 2014  -  Le Triangle, Rennes, France

3 April 2015  -  Le Mac Orlan, Brest, France



This collaboration between Alina Bilokon and Lea Rault started in 2010, during a repertoire work on the piece « Antonio Miguel » by Miguel Pereira, within the scope of PEPCC / Forum Danca (Lisbon 2010-2012)