as  unidades  minimas  do  sensivel



Creation and Interpretation  I  Alina Bilokon  I  Lea Rault and Urandia Aragao


Artistic Advise  I  Carlos Manuel Oliveira and Cristina Rizzo


Light Advise  I Thomas Walgrave


a live sculpture

a transforming landscape
a movement of zoom in and zoom out

between the whole and the minimal units

between the similar and the different

a gleaning from the field of perception

an immersion into physical, imagetic and sound experience


"All seems to take place as if, in this aggregate of images which I call the universe, nothing really new could happen through the medium of certain particular images - the type of which is furnished me by my body."

Henri Bergson



In this project, we work on the idea of difference and repetition, on the difference inside the repetition, on the time of an image and its relation to the sound. How does a same image, while repeated, enable different lectures? 

This image consists of three bodies, side by side, constantly repeating the same gesture. We seek to create a discursive image, as a sculpture can be.

We work with different layers of information (individual/whole, rhythm, gesture,time, light and sound), with minimal units sometimes invisible at first glance, but when one is placed in relation to the others, a  field of perception becomes expandable.

The piece is progressing through variations of sound atmospheres, created live, revealed over the gesture's cadence. The whole travel happens in a movement of "zoom in" and "zoom out", between the "whole" and the "minimal units", between the similar and the different.


as unidades minimas do sensivel   is a dialog between visible and invisible, representation and abstraction, sensible and concrete.


Production  I Forum Danca  I  DEPARTS 


Co-Production  I O Espaco do Tempo - Montemor-o-Novo/ Portugal  I  CAE Centro de Artes e Espectaculos  da Figueira de Foz/ PT  


Artistic Residencies  I Forum Danca  (ex-PEPCC residency program is supported by DEPARTS network. DEPARTS is financed by the culture program of European Union), Lisbon/PT I  O Espaco do Tempo, Montemor-o-Novo/ PT  I corpodehoje  at CAE Centro de Artes e Espectaculos Figueira de Foz/ PT


Acknowledgements  I  David Leitao  I  Filipe Dias I Jeremy Rouault  Laura Lopes  I  Loic Touze/ Association Oro & Studio Honolulu  I  Margarida Mestre  I  Paola Stella Minni  I  Raissa Kim  I  Raul Pinto  I  Tiago Coelho  I  Vera Mantero 


19 - 20 July 2012  -  Teatro do Bairro, Lisbon, Portugal  -  Work in Progress

3 September 2012  -  Forum Danca, Lisbon, Portugal  -  Work in Progress

12 September 2012  -  Studio Honolulu, Nantes, France  -  Work in Progress

16 March 2013  -  CAE, Figueira da Foz, Portugal - Work in Progress

27 September 2013  -  Festival Circular, Vila do Conde, Portugal - Premiere

This collaboration between Alina Bilokon, Lea Rault and urandia aragao, started in 2012 withing the scope of PEPCC / Forum Danca (Lisbon 2010-2012)