Courses Taught:

  • BIO 550: Advanced Physiology
  • BIO 350:  Animal Physiology
  • BIO 621:  Advanced Renal/Cardiovascular Physiology

Educational Research Opportunities

Our research group conducts ongoing physiological education research.  Our primary research interest is developing and assessing new and innovative instructional methods that improve student conceptual understandings of principles of physiology.  These methods include but are not limited to a) the impact of small group problem solving in courses with large enrollments; b) understanding teaching pedagogical methods improve learning for students of all backgrounds and levels of preparation; c) Developing innovative case studies that improve student long term retention of physiological concepts at the undergraduate and professional school level.
Franklin, B.M., L. Xiang, J.A. Collett, M.K. Rhoads and J.L. Osborn. Open problem-based instruction impacts understanding of physiological concepts differently in undergraduate students. American Journal of Physiology, Advances in Physiology Education Dec 2015, 39 (4) 327-334; DOI:10.1152/advan.00082.2015.

Cunningham, J. D., K.D. Bradley, and J. Osborn.  Assessing the impact of Newton’s Universe: Preliminary findings associated with rural school students’ and teachers’ outcomes linked to inquiry-based physical science.  ERS Spectrum, 62: 39-44, 2008.


McNall Krall, R., J.P. Straley, Jr., S.A. Shafer, and J.L. Osborn.  Hands-on at a Distance: Evaluation of a Distance Learning Temperature and Heat Course.  J. Sci. Educ. Technol. 18 (2); 173-186, 2009.



Teaching Honors and Awards

Jeffrey L. Osborn, Ph.D.


1999-2003  Founding Director, Greater Hartford Academy of Math and Science, Hartford, CT.


2016-Present  Chair, Education Committee, American Physiological Society

2007  Arthur Guyton Educator of the Year -       American Physiological Society
2007  Great Teacher Award - UK Alumni Association
2013  Teacher Who Made a Difference - UK College of Education

University of Kentucky | Lexington, Kentucky| Tel: 859 253 3988

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