Hazardous area please
Scribble scrabble post Lemon Squeeze
This sketch was created on the subway
Computer viruses are airborne
Ideas of influence constitute a type of delusion in which a person believes that he or she is being controlled by another person or external force.
Next time you're in Queens
Wrackspurt siphons: remove all sources of distraction from the thinker's immediate area
Sketches of San Francisco photographed in Yosemite prior to 9 hr hike
Eerie canal
There is a lot of downtime in immortality
"And it was morning. Bernard was back among the miseries of space and time."
This is not my beautiful wife
Business casual
Above neck amputation, bilateral above elbow amputation, and bilateral above knee amputation
Kuiper belt
Exterior + illustration
Interior + illustration
ou have specified a date in the future
Goose wench
The Met
Fiction & nonfiction
I didn't draw the air conditioner that was in one of the windows
Brain herniations and a heart
Not quite
You can smell the bakery from here
The winds of winter
Ginger ale and Percocet
I bet you're thinking about sleeping while you're awake. And dream of sleeping when you sleep.
Old sport
Roro's hat and stone's camera
A person who spends all her time sleeping could never understand
Vein antlers
This shift consisted of scrubbing into 6 surgeries, 2 rectal exams, lots of foleys, ED consults, some other random things, and a quick cross section sketch of the cecum, appendix, and terminal ileum as requested by the surgeon I worked with
Ode to the bladder and a wonderful week of urology
Unfinished depiction of direct and indirect locations of hernias
This is a drawing inspired by the first surgery I scrubbed in on during this rotation. The surgery was a right thyroid lobectomy and to my surprise, the surgeon operating was the same surgeon who operated on me about 4 years ago
3 minute ballpoint sketch from yesterday. A lady came up to me and told me that these flowers mean that fall is coming and she wrote the translation in Mandarin on the other page of my sketch book.
There is no other version of this story (just this one story)
Destroy tradition
There are past due ticklers waiting to be acknowledged. Do you want to see them now?
Unrelated things put together
Quick crooked sketch
Contemporary landscape in black and white
I attempted a small portion of Bone Crusher trail then slid down the rocks on my butt and drew this
Two close up trees and a bunch of little scribbles that are also meant to be trees in Montana
Dr mrs vandertrampp
A jellyfish sting and one other reason to limp
Imus, Cavite, Philippines
7 minutes?
Tendons on the dorsum of the hand and extensor retinaculum
30 second left hand sketch
Not particular
Synaptic plasticity
Sketch of Pine Tree Arch
On the 46
Thinking about the rav4

Nicoolers Art
By: Nicole Marino