January 11, 2016
Most reabsorption occurs at the proximal convoluted tubule.
Late night bus/train sketch
Fetal heart circulation close-up (ductus arteriosus will transform into the ligamentum arteriosum)
Alla turca
January 3, 2016
Watchman device in the left atrial appendage for stroke risk reduction in AFib (jellyfish edition)
Rapid rewarming using radiant heat
Contemporary heart
The corners of my head
A rotation around the sun
Lip abscess
My girl's got eyeballs and a big mouth
Aftermath of opera
For mama
There's a potential of breaking it by using it correctly
Supermassive black holes at the cores of the galaxies blast out radiation and ultra-fast winds
At these levels there is no danger of spinal cord injury
At these levels there is no danger of spinal cord injury
You broke it
Dad's fist
Normal flora
Retrodiction II
I'm not going to help you but I care
Purity that demands exclusion isn't real purity
IgM is made in greatest amounts by the fetus. However, the fetus has more total IgG than IgM because of maternal IgG.
Neuronal proliferation
T'en fais pas
Your friend
Synaptic plasticity
I'm in no rush
We're just ants on a log
Your backup husband's escape
Limits of experience
Frantically closes tabs
Assume two hypothetical oxygen-binding proteins
Simulation: wrong way down a one way
Honey, I'm home
Before the nacho and after the cheese (listening to the one person whispering in a room full of loud people)
To please you
What's more vulnerable than a peach?
Back to the checkpoint (enter, escape)
All I

Nicoolers Art
By: Nicole Marino