Eerie canal
Yer we're PAs
Emergency medicine
Close the well and never use it again
First time teaching
Ixodes scapularis
Tubes and tunnels
Turn around slowly
Petri dishes from micro bio lab
Darn brunch
You have lightning on your shoulders and I have a trumpet in my ear
Stellar parallax
It's the Vinyl Countdown
Different timelines
It's the Vinyl Countdown
It's the Vinyl Countdown
We have 4 wants and 3 fears at any given moment
Outerspace jellyfish
I painted an outlet next to my outlet
Mural collaboration with Maria
Beyond dreams
When I paper mâchéd my bike
Snail made of guitar strings
My lil robots hanging up at MoMA
"Up" ~ my final artwork for MoMA's 'Art for Daredevils' class (There was a live fish in my piece for the opening day and at the end of the show it was given to a nice girl, if anyone had concerns about the fish.)
Blender Blade
Bears per square mile
Welcome to the fridge
All hail the magic conch
Clay burger sculpture made at 13 years-old
Hand-painted Toms
Hand-painted Toms
Hand-painted Toms
Newspaper bicycle

Nicoolers Art
By: Nicole Marino