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Firefighters have an important duty of ensuring public safety and offering assistance in the US. For every call placed to 911 emergency services, the fire department is dispatched. Other than being dispatched to fires, firefighters are also dispatched to road accidents and general accidents. To become a firefighter, you are required to sit the firefighter exam after which you are given the job. Even so, the process is detailed because candidates are required to undertake several firefighter training and sit exams which make it easier for you to be placed in the most suitable role in a team. 

If you dream of becoming a firefighter, a high school diploma is a minimum requirement. Meeting this requirement enables you to complete the first course commonly referred to as responders course. All firefighters, EMT's and paramedics in the US are required to take this course as it offers basic information about first aid. 

An advanced EMT training course is also recommended for firefighters seeking to become better at the job. The course is vital especially in this area and it will prove helpful as you attend to emergency situations. Upon completion of the courses, you must do your best and pass; however this is not a guarantee that you will get the job in the fire departments around the country.

Certain counties provide academy training although it is not available in every county. Therefore, find out if the extra training is provided in your specific county. Prior to doing so, pass the firefighter exam which comprises of oral, written physical and psychological. Once you have successfully passed the examinations, you will be given an opportunity to serve in a fire department. 

Physical fitness training forms part of the training. The job is physically demanding and people who join mostly climb ladders, pull heavy hoses and do regular cleaning and maintenance of equipment. Even after passing the fitness test, expect to be engaged in continuous physical fitness training for as long as you are part of the firefighting team. 

Lastly, study well for the firefighter test and make good use of online proficiency tests as well as the home study courses. Putting in lots of hours of practice makes it easier for you to know some of the questions to expect. This additionally increases your chance of being part of the top 10% and joining any of the fine fire houses. Therefore, remember all these important points as you prepare to become a firefighter.


How to become a Firefighter


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