Statosphere is a database filled with statistics on a wide variety of topics, from hot button issues all the way down to hobbies. The app is perfect for students of any age looking to find statistics to supplement a paper or someone just looking to learn more about a topic. 


Statosphere is available to download now. This is Greedy Bear Studios first official project for commercial release.



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Lyricode is a wordplay text editor. This app is designed specifically for writing lyrics, poems, and other works where syntax is part of the art. It was developed as a tool for recognizing elements of structure so the artist may focus on substance. In the same way a programming language editor indents blocks of code and colors keywords Lyricode indentifies alliteration, articles, repeat words, and rhyming with various font attributes. Editor preferences and the current "quick-tap" system make writing on the Lyricode pad simple on the eyes and productivity oriented. 


Click here to download Lyricode. 

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