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“DATMYN transformed our entire approach to how we manage our people and our recruitment process. We were able to truly understand what individuals needed to perform at their maximum and built our operations around this output











Our  outflows deliver three practical and quantifiable uses for SME's. 


1) Give a data driven insight in to each individual employee, with a recommendation of how to deliver higher  output both at employee and organisational level. 


2)  Improve the efficiency of recruitment by identifying the  common characteristics and environmental conditions  of 'successful' employees so that candidates can be screened for the presence of these characteristics.  


3) Drive employee wellness by identifying work based health  patterns and implementing procedure's to  improve the individual wellness of employees.







Datmyn collation


Using the latest in wearable tech and cutting edge operational output monitoring we are able to build a highly granular picture of your employees. Some of the things we measure are 



Blood Sugar Levels
Sleep Quality
Heart Rate
Blood Sugar Levels
Contact with colleagues
Blood Pressure
Movement Tracking
Big 5 Personality Traits
Social Preferences 

Temperature Preference 

Workstation Preference

Work Patterns  


Each employee will 'cycle' through a 3 week programme with the output flows coming in week 4 of the process. 


If you use your own data then we will typically deliver an output inside 48 hours, depending on your requirements and data volume.










Our data collation comes in two variants. Either we collect it for you using everything from wearable tech to video game analysis, or alternatively you can plug your existing data in to our platform. 


Our collection  methodology focuses on understanding the on-going health, personality and environmental conditions of each employee. We also use diary collation to enable us to map performance to specific data.





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