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Car Exterior and Interior Cleaning and Shining Products & Tools

We offer our clients very high quality Car Cleaning and Shining Products & Tools. Our Car Exterior and Interior Cleaning and Shining Products & Tools are manufactured to international standards. Our Car Exterior and Interior Cleaning and Shining Products & Tools include High Pressure Washer, Hand Scrubber Machine, Car Polisher and other Machines.










New Portable Automatic Car Washer


Smart Wash Solution offer our clients excellent the Portable Automatic Car Washer is ideal for cleaning around a car without moving yourself from the distance of 10 feet. It can be used for gardening & agriculture, weed killers, pest control, nursery, sanitary, construction, and so much more.The hose with strong power gun for powerful water pressure.The washing brush with a internal fan nozzle can spray water while brushing the car.


Features :-

- Material : Good quality ABS plastic & metal
- Tank capacity: 16L
- Power source: 12 V Car Cigarette lighter connector
- 40Watts motor powered diaphragm pump
- Working pressure: 2.0-6.0kg/cm2
- With speed and spray regulator
- 6 Meter Hose
- Safety Filter for Motor
- 3 Meter Power cable connected with 
car cigarette lighter connector

- Size/Dimension : 38 x 32 x 30 cm
- Weight : 3.1Kg


Package Contents :-

1) 16Liter Tank,
2) Spray Gun,
3) 6 Meter Hose,
4) Washing Brush,
5) Brush Connector,
6) Power Cable with car socket charger.





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  Hose Pipe Water

     Spray  Gun





Car Care & Cleaning : Cleaner & Shiner





Car Vacuum Cleaner         Wet And Dry





Microfiber Cleaning       Glove For Car





Branded Mini Waxing  & Polishing Machine 





Dashboard Shine Spray           + Wax Polish 


Car Cleaning Wiper





Cloth and Magic         Sponge





Heavy Duty Anti Theft Wheel Clamp with Lock





Car Care & Cleaning : Combo Offer





Water Gun with Air 250PSI + Vacuum Cleaner + Car Duster + wax polish + Wiper + Dashboard Wax Polish + Gloves

3 in 1 Wiper + Car Polisher + Car Lock + Vacuum Cleaner





Water Gun + Magic Sponge + 

Wax Polish + Microfiber Glove

Cleaning Gloves + Cleaning Wiper + Hose Pipe + Vaccum Cleaner
























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