Why She Won’t Have Sex With You – According To Thane Escorts



What are the real reasons for her to refuse sex to you, according to our competent Thane escorts? As it turns out the basic reasons are five and we are going to talk about all of the here. A new research among our customers has established these five reasons. Read and try to avoid them at any cost.

You are not attractive for her – this looks like the most obvious reason why she doesn’t want to have sex with you. But Thane escorts are suggesting that the true is the outfit and look has very little to do with how women are attracted to men.She is got her period – Thane escorts are giving us the hint that this can be a simple lie. This is a very regular and simple excuse but it can be also an easy lie to get out of the situation and Thane escorts are right when they say that if she is not lying then there are other ways to satisfy yours and her sexual desires even in a menstruation period.

She has a better plan for the night – There might be a better idea what to do tonight. She may want to go out with her girlfriends or to meet another man. Or maybe she is just planning to stay home all night alone. Thane escorts are thinking that there is a chance there is no plan at all, and it is just an excuse because she doesn’t want even to see you and sex is absolutely out of the conversation.

She is tired and has a headache – that my friend is the classic excuse, for not having sex, of the long relation girlfriend or the wife. According to the specialists the ladies are suffering a headache three times more than men, but any Thane escorts will tell you that this is not an excuse and that doesn’t mean that they are honest. When you hear the quote we are talking about be careful and know that there is no real way to know if she has a headache or not. On the bright side of it Thane escorts never go out to work if they have a headache, so just book one hour with any of them and you will be happy.

She feels lazy to make sex – The sex is actually a kind of exercise. It is a lot of an exercise but pleasant and on the other side a very pleasant but exercise. And she may just want to rest or to watch a movie or even to read a book. Sometimes even to fall asleep straight away. This doesn’t mean straight away that she doesn’t like you and will not do some exercises in bed another time. But again there is a bight side in the tunnel – and it is that Thane escorts are very energized and love to do these things with the right person.

She changed her mind – It express the situation when she wanted to do sex with you but then something changed her mind and now she doesn’t even want to see you or be with you in the same room. She will be moaning, she will be very irritated and she will be even mean to you. This can be something that you have done, or sometimes just an excuse which has been triggered from something minor that you have done. The trick according to Thane escorts is to mind your own business and don’t insist on anything. She will eventually give up and ask for it herself.

Here are all the suggestions from our girls and what you can do to change their mind. I hope we were helpful and you have enjoyed reading my articles. Just to remind you that you can book Thane escorts at any time on our website. And the price is still £80 per hour.