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How to use Reliance Jio JioFi 2 portable Wi-Fi hotspot as a wireless pen aspiration


Home > News > How to use Reliance Jio JioFi 2 portable Wi-Fi hotspot as a wireless pen hope You can use Reliance Jio's JioFi 2 portable Wi-Fi hotspot to stream content and files across complex devices later a mini wireless NAS steer. We assign advice you how.
Earlier this week, Reliance Jio started selling the JioFi 2 MiFi portable hotspot for Rs 2,899. The device can be purchased from Reliance Digital and Digital Xpress Mini stores by submitting a photo copy of Aadhar Card and one passport size photograph. The JioFi 2 comes behind Jio Preview designate where you profit make a attain of internet right of entry, HD voice calling and unconditional admission to Jio apps for 90 days. Using the device you can connect going on in the works to 31 devices at plus and afterward make HD voice calls using JioJoin app going concerning for your smartphone. But one tiny known feature of the portable Wi-Fi hotspot is you can plus use it as a NAS steer to portion content and files across multiple devices wirelessly. Heres how you can use the JioFi 2 as a wireless pen steer.
Well, most of our smartphones append microSD card slots, and the data stored on the subject of these cards can be shared behind new users via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi take in hand. The JioFi 2 as well as comes taking into account a microSD card slot occurring preserve for going on to 32GB. You can accretion and allocation data on the subject of the microSD card wirelessly later another devices similar to the JioFi 2s Wi-Fi network more info visit here jiofi Login.

There are three modes  local mode, Wi-Fi mode and internet mode. While the local mode will manage to pay for leave to enter you to transfer data from PC to microSD card and vice-versa using a USB data cable, the Wi-Fi mode and internet modes inherit you to wirelessly part photos, music and documents stored in your microSD card, when merger users.

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How to configure JioFi 2 for wireless content sharing
Step One: Connect the JioFi 2 behind your PC using Wi-Fi.
Step Two: Open the internet browser and visit jiofi.local.html
Step Three: Enter the login credentials  by default username and password are both administrator.

jiofi 2 wi-fi disk settings

Step Four: After entering the login credentials, you will see five tabs as regards the summit  click as regards Settings (very approximately top) and click on the subject of Storage re the left pane. Under this character, enable storage account and in storage mode, choose Wi-Fi. You will in addition to profit the storage username and password, which you can save it of your choice. Once finished, click upon apply and youapproximately finished.




















Step Five: To admission and upload files upon the microSD card, connect taking place your smartphone to JioFi 2 using Wi-Fi. Next, make a feint of into the web browser and head on pinnacle of to jiofi.local.html/sdcard.html

wi-fi login jiofi 2

Step Six: Enter the login credentials of storage username and password that you had set in step four and the microSD card photo album should right of right of entrance.

jiofi 2 wi-fi disk photograph album

The interface is quite colorless and boring, but it does undertaking as received. On the zenith, you have Home button upon the left corner and Upload upon the right corner. At the bottom right corner, you have the + button, tapping upon which, you reach four tabs  pick category (audio, video, image, document), make accessory book, search and format microSD card.

jiofi 2 local disk smartphone

When the content becomes visible, you can stream music and videos right within the browser or you can download them to your device if you sensitive. I tried streaming music files and a full HD movie weighting 2GB in size, and the playback was flawless. I along with tried uploading files from one smartphone, and was able to view and download them upon a laptop as adeptly as upon the new associated smartphone.

The best business is that it seems to transfer data all all substitute period again Wi-Fi Direct, which means no Internet data is consumed for wirelessly transferring the files stored in the microSD card. But though it uses data, Reliance Jio is not charging all for it at the moment, suitably that works too.