Whether you have an established business or a new venture, finding the right consultant is essential. At The APIS Group, we understand the challenges you face.


We offer counsel that will allow you to focus on your business and advance your business goals.


We provide counsel which is timely and effective. Clients count on us for a powerful, expert approach to meeting the challenges of their business. The services we offer in our offices include:


  • Strategic Advisory Services

  • Tender and Procurement Management

  • Management Consultancy Services

  • Financial Advisory Services

  • Investment Banking Advisory Services

  • Corporate Finance Advisory Services

(1)    Specification, gathering and documentation of due diligence information

(2)    Research and evaluation of suitable corporate and capital structures

(3)    Research and evaluation of suitable funding and financing structures

(4)    Shortlisting and vetting of suitable third party experts, service providers and advisers

(5)    Shortlisting and vetting of suitable management team members

(6)    Shortlisting and vetting of suitable advisory board members

(7)    Drafting of an overall business plan including project milestones

(8)    Drafting of a project pitch book and project presentation

(9)    Design, programming and management of a project-related databank

(10)Liaising with Mongolian and international project team members


At your service.

On your side.


In order to avoid any conflicts of interest,we are prepared to provide professional consultancy services to your organization on an exclusive basis, the term and scope of which is defined in a consultancy agreement.


At your service.

On your side.

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