Top Tips on How to Get Instagram Follower Quickly

The usage of social media to as marketing and advertising tool has enjoyed a meteoric rise in the recent years. Instagram, an amazing photo-sharing network, is one of the most popular social networks that business can use to promote their brands. However, if you have signed up recently, then chances are finding new followers has proved to be daunting take. The effectiveness of using Instagram as a networking, advertising or marketing tool is only possible when you have followers. Fortunately, below are some insightful tips that will point you in the right direction on how to get Instagram follower quickly.


Have a Plan and a Goal for Your Account


Getting more followers on Instagram becomes considerably easier when you have a plan and a goal for your Instagram account.


Setting a goal for your Instagram account gives you a clear picture on how to woo your target audience. Often, most Instagram account that commands many followers tend to stick to a given theme, for example, a designer that posts his best works. Content can play a focal role in helping you get more Instagram follower.


Use interesting Hashtags


The hashtags you use on Instagram can break or make your pursuit for wooing more followers. Research and make sure that only interesting and informative hashtags accompany the content you post. Hashtags can be used to kill two birds with the same stone; help you get more followers and also help your followers understand your posts.


Engaging and Relevant Content


It hence makes perfect sense to consider carefully the content you post on Instagram. As a rule of thumb, make the content you post is not only engaging and informative to your target audience but also relevant to the brand you are trying to promote.

Instagram tricks to get Followers and Likes



Instagram celebrates 400 million active users monthly. With more than 1.2 billion likes a day, this fashion social network offers plenty of opportunities for people like us. This article will explain several tricks to get Instagram follower for free and promote your business or service in an organic way.

If you are an addict Instagramer and you have always wondered why one photo get more likes than another with hardly any difference ... Well, there are many factors that influence, from the message that is transmitted with your photo, to the time it gets shared with public. Here are some tricks to get likes and instagrams followers free.


How to get followers before posting photos on Instagram

Yes, you can get followers even before you post photos. It's a technique that few know about but is known to give very good results.

To get followers, you must inform them that you exist, and one of the most effective ways to do this is that you follow them first:

·         Open Instagram

·         Click Lupa

·         Write a hashtag related to your profile

·         Open the photo that is well - liked

·         Click on the number of followers

·         Follow all users who have Liked that photo

By doing this, you will get to meet active users of Instagram that have already given their Like to a similar photo which you are going to upload and thus there would be a good chance for you to get more followers . Get used to do this once or twice a day, before posting your next picture.


The potential InstagramDirect

Are your photos really good? If you have good content and you know people will like it, thanks to InstagramDirect, you can share your photos with specific users to reach a larger audience.


There are many accounts that simply are dedicated to promoting other Instagram accounts; for example @promote_covers promotes musicians who are unable to promote themselves but are really good.

To use this trick, answers these questions:

What do you do the best?

Do you also have pictures to it?

Do you know of pages that can help promote your talent?

Share the photo when you publish

Share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or even Whatsapp. This seemingly simple trick can get you more likes on Instagram .

The photos that you share appear in public profiles of your followers for one or two hours maximum, then they are forgotten. Depending on the total number of profiles that follow your followers, your likes will grow. Therefore, send the photo you posted to other friends or followers and get what you're looking for.

Tricks to publish correctly in Instagram

·         Upload photos with clarity and brightness : It is known that clear and high-quality images get 24% higher likes that poor-quality or dull images.

·         Images with more space at the bottom get 29% higher likes than others

·         Color: Images with blue dominant color get 24% higher likes than those in predominantly red.

·         Number of colors: Images with a single dominant color offer 17% higher likes than others in abound multiple colors.

·         Saturation: Images with low saturation offer 18% high likes compared to other using more vibrant colors.

·         Texture: Texture Images offer 79% higher likes than others.


These simple tricks can go a long way to win you more instagram followers free in no time. Good luck!


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