Website design idaho falls - Fundamentals



They say that content is king but you also need to have an attractive and accessible website if you want visitors to keep coming back. Your website is the first impression visitors get of your business so you need to make it count. If you're looking to overhaul the web design for your Perth business, keep reading for our strategies for making your website stand out.Checkout idaho falls web design for more info.


Keep it Clutter Free


It's easy to get over excited with your website design and fill up every possible space with pictures, scrollbars and graphics. However, too much clutter can be overwhelming for visitors and they just won't know where to look. Don't be afraid of paring things back and leaving some blank spaces on your website. You want visitors to be drawn to important parts of the site such as key content and calls to action.


Use High Quality Images


Invest in high quality professional photographs on your website to add to the visual design. People are drawn to beautiful images and it can make all the difference to invest in quality. If you use stock images, make sure they're high quality and show up well on the website. If an image doesn't look professional, don't use it.























Make it Mobile Friendly


With people relying on their mobile devices to search the internet, it's no good having an aesthetically beautiful website which is slow to load or doesn't display properly on mobile devices. Make sure any web design you go with is also mobile friendly for ease of use or you risk users closing you down pretty quickly.


Use an Easy to Read Font


Although an elaborate, cursive font may look amazing, it can be off-putting to visitors when they have to struggle to make out what the text says. Leave out exotic fonts and instead opt for something that's easy to read. To test whether you've chosen the right font, ask people to have a look at your preliminary design for feedback as to readability.


Don't go Nuts with Colour


It can be tempting when designing your website to go for striking colours but you need to make sure your colour scheme doesn't drown out your content. Make sure your colours don't clash and experiment with different palettes until you find the right combination.


Consult an Expert


Although you can have a go at designing your website yourself through tools such as WordPress, it's easy to find yourself halfway through the process only to realise you've bitten off more than you can chew. Get some preliminary ideas together and approach some website designers for a consultation. They can help to develop your ideas and manage the nitty gritty details of the actual web design.