Red Stripe    $4.35

Guinness    $4.40

Becks Vier    $4.20

Peroni    $5.15

San Miguel    $4.60

Amstel    $4.25




All rights for the amazing images reserved to Ravi Jain photostream, keep the credit!



Coors Light   $3.85

Crabbies    $4.45

Desperados    $3.85

Duvel   $4.50

Erdinger   $4.55

Estrella    $3.85

San Miguel Fresca    $3.85






Breads 9

olive oil - balsamic vinegar - hummus - pesto


Garlic Bread 6

ciabatta - garlic butter


Marinated Olives 8

Kalamata olives - Greek olives - grissini


Almonds 5

parprika roasted

Bartender USA

Become a Professional Bartender in United States







2508 Peck Court, Riverside, CA 92501





Directions: We are located between Houston and 9th Avenue in downtown NYC.

Parking is just around the block on 9th Avenue.





Tel: 212-555-5678

Bartending: Building A Foundation For A Profitable and Rewarding Career

Dating back thousands of years, bartending began as a trade by those that produced liquor and in turn sold it to the public. It was not only a profitable endeavor for these early bartenders but provided a product in huge demand by the public. Historically humans have always had a fondness for spirits which is an enormous benefit to those pursuing a bartending career. Prohibition makes an indisputable case that people want the absence of product does not defeat their drinks and demand.

Very few careers can offer you virtually guaranteed placement in literally any place you wish to live and work in the world. Most bartenders, in fact, earn more than entry-level college graduates, with some eventually making 6 figure incomes.

Becoming a successful bartender takes more than just learning to spin drink recipes. The professional bartender is well versed in the legal and business ramifications of alcohol management and service. Today's bartenders are a breed apart, savvy and knowledgeable performers in a fast paced exciting environment. Simply put, there is no aspect more vital to a professional bartending career than the foundation built by a quality bartending school. Bartending schools provide more than just preparation; they directly affect how much you earn from your very first day on the job. Some certifications, such as TIPS ® (Law requires training for Intervention Procedures or TAM ® (Techniques in Alcohol Management) in many says.

Given the earning potential bartending offers as a career, the cost of attending a quality bartending school becomes a wise investment rather than an expense. Most bartending schools are incredibly affordable, require very little time ( as little as two weeks ), and can be found in nearly every state in the country. Bartending-World. Com offers a state by state listing of reputable bartending schools that make selecting a school a breeze. When choosing a bartending school, make sure to ask these questions, and be leery of those that cannot offer answers.

What is the schools ' industry reputation and how long have they been teaching? Look for an institution well recognized in the bartending education industry. Many schools have a long history making research accessible.

What are the size of the classes and how well equipped are they? Look for the low teacher to student ratios and facilities that mimic actual working environments as closely as possible.

Does the state license the bartending school? What credentials are required for the instructors? Verifying that the state actually licenses a school they train in is essential. Find out what they look for when they hire instructors. Instructors, if well chosen, are industry vets that can provide invaluable insight into the bartending industry.

Can you be given references to graduates who are working in the industry? What is the bartending school's job placement policy? Any reputable school will have working graduates who will endorse the school. If not, you need to be careful. A successful job placement plan is always indicative of an excellent training facility. If local bars have had success with hiring quality graduates, then you can rest assured that school is worth a second look.

Bartending offers a rewarding and profitable career for those that are serious about their pursuit. While there is a lot of hard work involved, the excitement and fun of the atmosphere are hard to beat. Investing in a quality education will put you on the fast track to maximized earnings in bartending.