The Ultimate Guide to upgrade Toyota 4Runner interior Lights to LEDs

Today I will reveal you just how to change the interior lights on a 2014 Toyota 4Runner with super power LED replacements light bulbs detailed. These installments are very easy, it ought to just take around 15 mins with just standard devices needed. let's get going.


We'll begin with the map lights which you'll require a plastic wedge removal device for to take the lens off. Just pry it into the rear of the lens, simply pop that off, as well as you'll obtain your original T10 bulb, after that you'll take the very power T10 canbus LED bulb, insert it straight into the housing, making certain you have a good protected fit and then you'll re-install the factory lens cover back right into area. Before complete, you'll wish to check it to see to it you have actually the bulb placed properly. Move over the opposite side, comply with the very same procedure to complete the map light installment.

Proceed to the vanity light place, which begins when you open the mirrors. So we'll take our plastic wedge removal tool and function it back with the lens to pry this off to gain access to the OEM w5w led canbus bulb.

However you can take out, take your data and Super canbus LED light bulb, insert it directly into the outlet.

And then we'll re-install the socket back into place and also examination the light bulb to make certain that it's working correctly.


  • For the dome light location, we'll take our plastic removal device and also work our way with the OEM lens between the housing and lens to stand out off the clips, which are holding it in position and afterwards when the lens is eliminated. We'll remove the original light bulb with our device.

While factory bulb is taken out, we'll take LED bulb and put straight into the outlet. Once it's been installed, you'll wish to test it to ensure that it's working correctly, and afterwards we'll reinstall the lens cover to finish the installation.

For the trunk light locations, you utilize your plastic wedge device and also insert it into the side of the housing to depress a clip to ensure that it appears of the out of the socket. We'll simply dispirit the clip to draw the housing off the car, make it a little bit less complicated to function with. Then they'll see 4 clips hanging on the lens, which we can utilize the plastic device to kind of work our means around. We can pop it off simpler.


Once you have actually stood out off the lens, you can take the OEM bulb out quickly, take your canbus led bulb and also insert it directly right into the housing. Make sure you have the LED radiating the correct method. As well as make sure it's firmly fastened, test it by connecting it back in to make sure that you have the right polarity. You'll re-install your lens cover, making sure you break every little thing securely in place, putting the housing back in and then relocate over the other side, following the very same procedure to finish the setup of the trunk lights.

For the four-door light locations, we'll take our plastic wedge device as well as insert it on the side of the housing to depress a clip to make sure that we obtain the setting up off the car. After that we'll pull the housing down, dispirit this clip to take the assembly off the automobile completely. We'll press back on the housing to ensure that we can remove this lens assembly, take the OEM light bulb out, take our LED replacement bulb, insert it directly into the housing, re-install the lens cover back on, see to it you break every little thing back in position, then you'll reinstall the setting up back onto the factory connector, install it back onto the vehicle, test it to make certain it's functioning properly and then we'll place it back on the car, break it right into place. Comply with the same steps for all 4 doors to complete the LED setup.
While all point total, you'll have far more useful output in the cabin in the evening along with a nice awesome light appearance. Setup just took about 20 mins for the entire car with just a plastic wedge device needed, extremely easy, right?