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9 Reasons why an explainer video can be very strong


Seeing how powerful a video is, convinced me that we also needed a video explainer also for my company. I want to give you a summary of why we need an explainer video and its benefits. In the meantime, you can go to if you want your company's explainer video to be made by the dedicated professionals.


These are all the results I took from research and articles about explainer video:

1. Explain the objectivity of your product

If you have difficulty explaining your objectives, the video is one of the right tools to do it. The sequel to the problem becomes clearer, the role of your product in solving the problems is also increasingly visible.

2. Creating interest in your product

According to a survey conducted by Rascal Videos, 85% of the video audience of a product will buy the product. Especially if the video is supported by interesting animation and scripts that sell, surely your total sales will rise significantly!

3. Increase website traffic

The more interesting your video is, the higher the possibility of the video going viral. No wonder if viral videos will bring tremendous traffic to your website.

4. Increase conversion rates

With the video, the audience will get the information they need and understand how your product works. No wonder you will get more clients from your video viewers.

5. Getting a better Google Rank

One of the articles at Spot Marketing says that videos can increase Google Rank on a website. Especially if you put the video into YouTube; it is one of the best link building strategies because it connects your website to the most popular websites.

6. Helping information-getting audiences

The audience may face a problem without clearly knowing the reason why the problem occurred and also the solution to the problem. With videos, you can explain more clearly while offering your product.

7. Make your presentation more interesting

If you play your video during a presentation in front of an investor or in front of a client, of course, your presentation will look more attractive and prominent than your competitors.

8 Shareable

The video is one of the communication media that is no less shareable than any blog post or image. So, you don't need to think too hard about how to spread your videos to the right audience.

9. Demonstrate your company's personality

Through video, you can also show the personality of the company that you own; is your company