Mishka Mail is a shipment of cute and colourful stationery delivered straight to your mailbox every month. Designed by Melbourne-based illustrator Naira Tamanian of “Graceful Avenue”, each month there’s a themed parcel to look forward to! This is one of the first stationery subscription services from Australia!

A monthly stationery subscription by Graceful Avenue

How does it work?

We prepare a beautifully packaged parcel every month and ship it to you worldwide. Just don't miss the deadline to sign-up every month! If you'd like a reminder please provide your email at the bottom of the page.


Important: Your credit card is only charged one-time, for the month you are subscribing for. We don't store your credit card details on file as there are no automatic payments charged. You can buy as many or as few Mishka Mail orders as you like by purchasing securely with PayPal every month yourself.


Contents of our parcels will be different each month, but here is what you can expect to find:


Greeting Cards

Wall Prints



Gift Tags

Mini Cards



We all love surprises but if you cannot wait to see what you're getting in your Mishka Mail subscription, you can click on the "Sneak Peek" button for a glimpse!

How much is it?

For customers within Australia the total cost is $26 AUD (including tracked shipping).

For international customers, we charge $30 AUD including regular shipping.

Mishka – the Panda

First drawn in 2012 in London, Mishka is our adorable panda who appears in most of our products! He is extremely cheeky and has a very playful side to him. He is in love with Milly (the girl panda) and loves to make her feel special.

Mo – the Racoon

Mo is the complete opposite of Moxy. He’s a shy racoon who prefers to keep to himself and live a quiet life at home. He has a heart of gold though and loves to write letters to long-distance penpals around the world.

Moxy – the Cat

Moxy was first introduced to customers at our Christmas market in 2015. He is a friendly cat who is the life of the party, always full of energy and striving to be the center of attention!

Where do you ship?

We ship internationally!

Australian customers: orders can take 2-10 business days (tracking included)

International customers: orders can take between 6-18 business days

To make things even more fun, every month one lucky subscriber (chosen at random) will receive a prize in their Mishka Mail parcel. It will be an extra item of stationery that only they will receive!

Missed the month you wanted?

Contact Us

We can send you reminders for subscription deadlines. Just fill-out your email address and write "Reminder" in the message field.

Thank you!

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