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Chau Thoi mountain pagoda is the temple's most ancient province of Binh Duong, because the material it is built into the end of the XVII century by the buddhist monk Khanh Long. The original is only a, small temple, where the monks, devotees dharma convergence is mind is the Buddha. Then restored several times, to upgrade as well as restore damaged after the war, on 1930, 1954, 1970, 1971, 1993, the temple mount, Fashion new look voluminous, monumental as it is now.
Yard trees is the observation point and sweeping scenery, the river, the vast plain below. The temple is total harmony of buildings, architecture is the chief electric, Organizer, electric Thien Label, shrine, Linh Son Holy mother to the church, Dieu Tri Kim Model and Ngu hanh nuong Nuong.

Visit: Du Lich