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I developed an interest in photography when I was attending college in New York City starting at 1998. Back then, I took all the photography classes that were available at my school and learnt to process film. I loved spending hours in the dark room but even more I enjoyed actually taking pictures.


As the technology went forward, I changed my film camera for the first digital one. Then I got another one and then another one. My art was slowly progressing and 10 years later I started taking digital photography classes to improve my editing skills and learn some new trends.


Today, I enjoy taking pictures of people and nature the most. I believe that true art is happening at the moment you stage your subject and press the shutter.


Quite often I do only basic editing or retouching of my images. I usually prefer my original framing and color space more to any fancy editing tool I am able to use and apply. Hope you enjoy my art.




















“Specializing in nature, landscape and children photography

as well as headshots and fine art. Special events welcome!






Phone: 646-703-2464

Email: ester@filmester.com

We serve the Los Angeles, Ventura

and San Bernardino counties.



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