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This plastic piece of jewelry known as Kandi, hold the memories of every event ever attended by its creator. when these plastic beads are traded so are the memories one has.

This experimental short is done in three parts, each telling the same story from different perspectives and settings. The story of movement and lights and how these two have different meaning in different settings.

This is a promotional video for Something Awesome, a electronic music event at the UCSD campus. This video show cases different aspects of the event to entice people to attend.

Daniella is a socialite, a student, a future doctor, and a activist fighting for transgender rights. This documentary follows Daniella, and explores the intersections of her identities.

"To being an us instead of a them", Them explores stereotypes and how the "others" in society should be seen as they are and not judged based on their identities.

In this experimental 16 mm film we follow a little girl through the cycle of domestic abuse and how voice is the only thing that allows for it all to end.