* What are your hours?
We open 8:00am Mon-Sat, and  scheduled to close whenever play is done (4:00 on Saturday). At least for now, Sundays are closed with the exception of special events, or if you want to play, ask us. We may be able to work it out.

* What time do you close?
Repeat: We close when play is done for the day. It varies. Most always, we are here until 8:00pm, but some days are slower, or it might rain, so we close when scheduled play is done.

* Can I reserve courts online?
At this time, No! We are looking into possible online reservation systems. All are expensive and would require additional member increases. We’ll keep looking for easier ways for members to book. For now,  we prefer to keep that one duty old style, pencil and paper. There are several reasons this is still ok, but losing power and information, and being able to juggle courts quickly to best accommodate as many people as possible, are just two reasons.

* Can I email my court reservation?
Short answer: (
SPECIAL: ONLY EMAIL BOOKINGS DURING COVID-19 CRISIS) Not recommended. Please call the club for court reservations (475-3386) rather than email it. We may not get your email before all the courts are gone, plus, I may be out of town, or have no email access. The court sheet is always next to the phone so workers can see what is available. If we are with customers, we may not pick up immediately, so leave a message on the answer machine and we’ll get back to you. If you want a specific time, you need to call at that time 7 days in advance exactly I.e. call at 9:30 Saturday(no sooner) for a 9:30 court the following Saturday.

* Why don’t you start at 7:00am so we can play longer before the 9:30 start time?
It’s dark most of the year! It’s also not a popular time. If you want to start early one day, ask. we have been known to accommodate.

* Why don’t you have extra workers available all the time?
Tough one, but simple!…. This again, goes back to management, and fees. We decided a long time ago, with the blessing of our members at the time, to keep expenses down. We have built a great program based on that. Currently, we have three pros available for lessons, clinics, coaching, etc. and we cover each other keeping inside open as much as we can, but none of us are paid for these extra hours. Essentially, we do it fore free and earn our money other ways. This is why we request advanced court scheduling, so that we can best arrange our schedules.  We work with our members as beast we can. Having extra employees would absolutely increase the dues and start a transition in a direction we prefer not to go.

* How long can I play when I reserve a court?
Guaranteed court time is 1 1/2, if courts are open after,  you can keep playing if you have the right type of membership. Scheduled time blocks are 8-9:30,9:30-11,11-12:30, 6-7:30,7:30-9. Pay to play members and guests have limited use  without being charged additionally. Note: Please be sure to reserve courts, so we can plan.

* Why do we have to finish play at 11:00? We like to play for 2 hours or more?
During busy times, unfortunately, we need to share!!! We stick to the standard 1 1/2 hour reservation time during prime time to accommodate as many players as possible. Our time blocks are 8:00-9:30am, 9:30-11:00am, 11:00-12:30pm, 6:00-7:30pm, 7:30-9:00pm. Also, certain memberships are not entitled to extended time.

* Do you allow walk in players without reservations?
Yes, if we are open, courts are available, and we haven’t already rearranged work schedules.
* Please don’t try to change our rules. We do things the way we do because it has worked for us, and our members for over 30 years! More importantly, we try to accommodate everyones needs as best we can. Often new members are use to a certain protocol. We are, however, always open to any new ideas, suggestions, and improvements, but we have to be smart about what we change, and how it will effect everyone.

* Why do you always put us on court 4 when we play at 8:00?
Simply put, our exit gate is through court #1. It’s easier than driving across someone’s court after sweeping and allows us to take the time needed to properly groom the courts.

* Why don’t you provide water on the courts?
We do!!!!! Every court has a water fountain and court six which will have a jug of ice water if requested. Our water is Englewood County water and is excellent taste and quality. We also have bottled water for sale in the clubhouse if you prefer.

* Can we bring our own alcohol to the club? I like different drinks.
NO!!!!! We have a beer and wine license, and have kept our prices very low for your benefit. This is an amenity for the members, but we will not risk being fined, or losing our license altogether because of violations. In this regard, there is zero tolerance.  As per the Membership rules and regulations that everyone signed, there is to be no outside alcohol brought on property.

* Why don’t you build more courts?
The solution isn’t always to build more courts. That would increase expenses, increase dues, then people may leave. We do everything we can to keep dues from increasing. We also have rates lock which keeps dues at the rate you joined even if prices increase.

* Do you string racquets?
Yes, Sue was one of the first certified stringers in the country when certification started in the 1980’s, and Bob was right after.  All racquets are professionally strung.

* Do you sell tennis balls?

* Have you considered building a roof over the courts?
Nope. We live in sunny Florida. People come here to be outside. Sorry!!!

* The lounge is sometimes closed, why don’t you hire more people to keep it open?
Lots of questions will reflect this same answer. For 30 years, we’ve tried to keep rates as low as possible for everything!!! If you have a question, or don’t understand why we do certain things, always consider this. We have low beer and wine prices, better racquet prices than online dealers, lowest dues and the most options. This is because we have had a great relationship with our members over the years. They know we put all the dues back into the club, and when the club does well, improvements are made faster. There are no homeowners association fees, tax assessment, or hidden quarterly fees for members. If we don’t have to increase miscellaneous expenses, rates won’t have to increase. We prefer to keep the club as is since it has worked so well for us to date.

* You use to have a full pro shop. Why don’t you stock clothing anymore?
Simply put, online pro shops!!!! They have changed the way of the club pro shop. We carry accessories, necessities, shoes, racquets, and do lots of stringing.

* Do you have a ball machine for use?
Not at this time. We have had several expensive programmable  ball machines over the years that we provided at no cost to members. Both of our good ones have been destroyed through hard use, abuse, and harshness of the clay. We have chosen not  to replace them to date

* Do you allow pets at the club?
Not really! We love dogs, but we have some members that are extremely allergic. Owner Sue, has a portuguese water dog that is hypoallergenic and we still need to be careful when she brings her to the club.

* Have you considered building a swimming pool? Or fitness center?
No, We had a 40,000 gallon pool for our first 15 years that was not used much or at all in the later years. We have many times been close to adding a fitness center. At this point, it’s not in the plans.

* How come you don’t put in new fences?
Actually, we have!  many times Fences are our biggest nuisance. We have had complete replacement three times, and even with new product, being so close to the ocean, and having salty ground water for court irrigation, wire, and steel doesn’t last long at all. We try to patch, fix, and patch, and then every so often replace a section. We do this at a rate current memberships will cover, again focusing on reasonable dues and court fees.

* What food or drink do you sell?
Beer, wine, soda, powerade, water, snacks, clip bars, chips, etc. We don’t serve restaurant food. Menus may change.

* Can I bring my own alcoholic beverages?
Sorry, no one is allowed to bring their own alcoholic beverages on the Englewood Tennis Club property.
We have a beer and wine license, and have kept our prices very low for your benefit ($2 for a16oz. draft beer, and $4 for a 9oz. wine). This is an amenity for the members, but we will not risk being fined, or losing our license altogether because of violations. I understand if we don’t have your beverage of choice, but we can’t carry every option. We will, however, try to keep in stock what is most popular. In this regard, there is zero tolerance.  If we don’t have what you like, we are sorry, but you still cannot bring your own. As per the Membership rules and regulations that everyone signed, there is to be no outside alcohol brought on property.

* Is it ok if I park on the front rail of the club?
We prefer not!!! When delivery trucks come it presents a problem. Please stick to parking spots. We may park there bringing in supplies, or for other reasons, but we can also quickly move the car if needed…

* Why don’t you have windscreens on the fences?
Too much fence damage over the years, plus they really don’t help much…If it’s windy, it’s windy. Quick pop up T-storms have damaged  and knocked down our fences multiple times.  Detached windscreens on really bad days also can interfered with players swings.

* I heard you were selling the club, is this true and how will it effect us?
We listed it and wrote a letter to our members in 2015. We also stated we are in no rush, just ready to start the stepping out process. Although we have not been officially listed for a few years, we are still getting calls and had several offers. Our hope is that we can pass the baton to some really good tennis people….It’s tough to get tennis people to buy. Our offers have been from mostly developers, and we really prefer not to sell  for development.

* Why do you run tournaments some weekends and not allow members to play?
You can’t mix social play with tournament play first, but also we use all the courts. This all contributes to keeping your expenses down. Tournament revenues go right back into the club and we feel 4 weekends out of 52 is fair and truly, if we didn’t earn this income, we would have to pass the loss of revenue along.

* Why don’t you offer drills for only 3 or 4 players?
We do….It’s a clinic, or group lesson.

* Why is there is a guest fee on my bill?
If you bring a guest, and that guest does not pay the fee, we will charge the guest fee to your account. If your guest offers to pay, we will accept their payment, unless you tell us not to ahead of time. Also, ALL GUESTS MUST SIGN IN! We have a sign in as you leave the clubhouse. Please take responsibility for your guests.

* Why do you only allow 8 players in drills?
Added more lessens the effectiveness of the drill. On the other hand, our minimum is 4 players. Anything less is not really a drill.

* Are your pros certified?

***Do you have any socials,  mixers, or parties?
We do. After 30 years, we’ve had years where 100 people will participate, and other years where hardly any members are interested. We adapt to what members are looking for. There are certain evening events we still have year after year.