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The “untold story” of the web-slinger’s high school years had set the franchise swinging again.Andrew Garfield’s younger, moodier, wittier Peter Parker was refreshingly different from Tobey Maguire’s lovable dork. It also seemed like he was getting tantalisingly close to the wisecracking hero of the old, animated TV series.Sadly, Spidey comes crashing back to earth in this tangled mess.Returning director Mark Webb crafts some solid 3D action scenes but the only truly “amazing” thing about Part 2 is the villain. Somehow, Webb has come up with a nemesis even less interesting than his last one.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Download

Last time, Rhys Ifans was turned into a mildly threatening CGI Godzuki. Now we’ve got Jamie Foxx as a high-voltage Smurf following a run-in with some electric eels.It turns his mild-mannered geek Max into power-mad Electro – a mumbling halfwit who can leap in and out of power sockets. His shocking diet leads to the film’s big moment – the prospect of a city-wide power cut.Will Spidey save the day or will New Yorkers have to buy candles?You’ll have to wade through a very convoluted plot to find out.(Download The Amazing Spider-Man 2) Before we get to Spidey and Electro’s showdown (no points for guessing the location) Parker has relationship issues to sort out with girlfriend Gwen Stacey (Emma Stone).In the last film, they began a convincingly awkward high school romance. Now their relationship has hit that dreary on/off stage.The couple keep casually breaking up throughout the film’s very fuzzy time frame with the stakes plummeting alarmingly with each reunion.

For Peter, who swings out of his high school graduation ceremony and lands as an established Press photographer, the stumbling block is the ghost of her disapproving dad.For Gwen, it’s all about her plan to study at Oxford, which she hatches after suddenly appearing behind a desk at sinister tech firm Oscorp.It isn’t Parker’s only relationship problem. He’s not had any contact with Oscorp heir Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) since they were in short trousers.(Download The Amazing Spider-Man 2) You think that would speak volumes. Yet when he turns up at Harry’s mansion they act like best friends.But something threatens to turn this rushed bromance on its head. From his deathbed, Harry’s dad drops a bombshell – his son has inherited the same killer disease he somehow beat for decades. If Harry is going to live to see another sequel he’ll have to get his hands on the only cure – Spider-Man’s blood.

Will Peter hand it over and risk turning Harry into a dangerous mutant? Or will he risk upsetting the best pal he hasn’t bothered to phone, text, tweet, or Facebook friend request in a decade?You’d think that would be more than enough to get on with, even in a film with a bum-punishing near two-and-a-half-hour running time.But the days when superhero movies were all about beginnings, middles and satisfying ends seem to be over. To set up the next two instalments and two planned spin-offs,(Download The Amazing Spider-Man 2) Webb ties us up in multiple future plot lines.Peter gets a new lead on the death of his parents, Harry turns into the Green Goblin and Paul Giamatti has a couple of scenes as a third villain called The Rhino. On top of that Felicity Jones appears then promptly disappears as a shadowy Oscorp employee and (SPOILER ALERT) Aunt May (Sally Field) secretly retrains as a nurse.This over-stuffed soap opera structure (with two-year gaps between episodes) means we never get time to really click with Parker.

Gangly Garfield still looks the part but the personality he and Webb worked so hard to develop in the last film is fading fast.Now he’s just an amateur sleuth, an occasional snapper and a costumed vigilante with a line in lame quips.The decent action scenes (and a shock twist) should be enough to keep this franchise afloat until the next instalment.But two years ago, the resuited and rebooted Spider-Man seemed capable of scaling far greater heights. Cruel Webb has just pulled the legs off.When Max Dillon (Foxx) is transformed into living electricity by an industrial accident, Peter Parker (Garfield) — aka Spider-Man — protects New York City from his rages.(Download The Amazing Spider-Man 2) Having sworn to keep his girlfriend Gwen Stacy (Stone) out of Spider-Man’s dangerous business, Peter struggles with their relationship, but Gwen is determined not to let him make decisions for her.Cynics suspected The Amazing Spider-Man hastily rebooted a franchise (which had stalled thanks to the compromised Spider-Man 3) mostly to retain the lucrative rights to a property which would otherwise revert to Marvel.

Marc Webb confounded them by delivering a different take on the comic books with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone as an engaging, funny couple. Ever since Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created the property, Spider-Man has straddled genres — sci-fi superheroics and grounded teen soap opera — and Webb’s cleverest move was to play the angst lightly and let the kids have fun.Unhindered by any need to rehash bitten-by-a-radioactive-spider or guilt-over-the-dead-uncle issues,(Download The Amazing Spider-Man 2) this allows the brush-haired Garfield and sweetly determined Stone to play out a far more nuanced and complex relationship. The strength of this series’ conception of Gwen, as opposed to the dangle-and-wait-for-rescue women of previous Spider-Movies, is that she insists on being an active participant in the heroics. This is now even thornier since Peter promised her dead dad (a glowering Denis Leary shows up as a ghostly rebuke) he’d keep her safe. Emma Stone is the Heath Ledger of this series, doing something unexpected with an easily dismissed supporting character.

Awards voters somewhere must note that she’s made a love interest Marvel killed off in 1973 as relevant and potent as, say, Black Widow or Mystique — maybe more so in that Gwen’s only (not inconsiderable) superpowers are intelligence and kindness.This follows the superhero first sequel pattern — as seen in everything from The Dark Knight to Captain America: The Winter Soldier and, indeed, Spider-Man 2 — of being longer,(Download The Amazing Spider-Man 2) with more spectacular action, more complex character interplay, more confident effects (web-swinging in 3D works because buildings give a perspective which sells the process better than in flying scenes), and more flamboyant villains. Ultimately, it’s also much tougher on the hero to propel him into further adventures. A lesson has been learned in that a plot which seemed as if it could get into the tangle that undid Spider-Man 3 (too many damn villains) is paced much better, with overlapping origins for Electro and a Goblin of sorts so that action scenes build emotionally rather than simply go on and on.

If Jamie Foxx overplays his pre-Electro nerdiness, his increasingly alienated and demented super-threat serves to highlight the way Peter hasn’t become a monster despite the accumulated personal losses and resentments. Dane DeHaan makes Harry Osborn a fresh character, just this side of smarmy as he goes off the deep end — a super-villain who’s also a sickly 20-year-old capable of lying on a sofa crying when he doesn’t get his way. Paul Giamatti is also fun as bonus-round thug the Rhino.After Man Of Steel,(Download The Amazing Spider-Man 2) note the way the set-pieces emphasise that Spider-Man’s instinct during a monster rampage is to protect innocent bystanders before clobbering the bad guy. The little kid he saves from bullies is perhaps the most crucial walk-on in the series (even more than Stan Lee), figuring in a stirring last minute of stepping-up-to-the-plate heroism. The final third is tonally awkward, but big reveals will resonate into Amazing Spider-Man 3 — some controversial, but all powerfully played.

Still, you can’t fault its ability to grab its audience by the lapels with an energetic opening sequence that amplifies the previous film’s question mark regarding the fate of Parker’s missing parents – and then adding a new question as to how a modern looking laptop manages to pop up almost two decades early.Also nimble is Andrew Garfield, returning as a Peter Parker/Spider-man, who is still in thrall to Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), but strafed with doubts, since he promised her late father in The Amazing Spider-man to protect her, by ending their relationship.However,(Download The Amazing Spider-Man 2) romantic woes are a mere fly in the ointment for Spider-man once returning director Marc Webb (we did all the jokes last film) and screenwriters Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Jeff Pinkner crank up the plot strands so that the film becomes bloated with villains, including Jamie Foxx’s Electro, Dane DeHaan’s Green Goblin, Martin Csokas’ asylum supervisor Dr Kafka, Felicity Jones’s Felicia Hardy and Paul Giamatti’s Rhino. All of them lineup against Spidey, but like a martial arts film, they are curiously reluctant to attack all at once.

Foxx’s character is the one that feels closest to a commentary on fickle comic fandom. As geeky Oscorp-employee Max Dillon (Jamie Foxx) he’s converted into a Spider-fan when Parker saves him from being run over by a car. However, an industrial accident involving electric eels distorts his fixation into something darker, except when he’s setting off car alarms. Meanwhile, as Parker’s duplicitous childhood friend Harry Osborn, Dane DeHaan combines the preppy looks of a young Leonardo DiCaprio with the trustworthy air of a lizard.At this stage in superhero lore,(Download The Amazing Spider-Man 2) doesn’t it seem surprising that the spandex crowd don’t take more of an interest in industrial accidents, given that a misjudged serum begets the Green Goblin, and a nuclear accident fuses Dr Octopus to mechanical tentacles? If The Daily Bugle’s newsplant was close to a nuclear facility, I’d fear J Jonah Jamieson in a future episode might be destined to morph into Paperman, assaulting Parker with regular editions of lethal typographical errors and a crossword that hasn’t been checked properly.

More to the point, of course, is how a boy bitten by a spider uses his spider-sense and bouncy parkour abilities when everyone else seems to get morally rotted by this kind of genetic meddling?This film kind of resolves the problem but is clearly happier wrangling hints about dead parents and returning to mope about overfamiliar tropes regarding great power and great responsibility.The conservatism of Marc Webb’s films disappoints – and hardly bats away the suspicion that the chief function of these films is to hold onto the Spider-man franchise for Sony so the rights won’t revert back to Marvel Comics. The 3-D ticket premium price might be factored in too.Garfield remains a raw and lively alternative to the era of a sleepy Tobey Maguire.(Download The Amazing Spider-Man 2) But is his baggy, disjointed, action-stuffed movie amazing? Not quite.Like journalists, politicians, bankers and manufacturers of ready-meals, these are not good times to be a priest, although it’s a great time to be Brendan Gleeson, the burly Irish actor who commands Calvary, just as he did in John Michael McDonagh’s first film The Guard and his brother Martin’s scabrous, funny hitman movie In Bruges.

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As Father James, he is both a decent priest and a worldly one, having joined the priesthood after the death of his wife. Yet this doesn’t inoculate him against the decision by one anonymous parishioner, who was abused by a priest throughout his childhood, to murder Father James. Quite the opposite in fact: what is the point of killing a bad priest, argues the killer. What sort of revenge is that against God?Despite the death sentence, Father James ministers to his dysfunctional flock, which includes a womanising surgeon (Aidan Gillen), a cuckolded butcher (Chris O’Dowd),(Watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Online HQ) a cannibal killer (Gleeson’s own son Domhnall), a dissolute aristocrat (Dylan Moran) and the Father’s suicidal daughter (Kelly Reilly). In many ways the plotting resembles Robert Bresson’s sternly beautiful exploration of faith, suffering and absolution, Diary Of A Country Priest – except Bresson was a lot less profane and had fewer tartly funny jokes about adultery.This is an honourable attempt to pull together a meditation on Ireland and its religious disillusion, and part of a planned trilogy for Gleeson and McDonagh. You just hope that by the next film McDonagh will bury his themes a little deeper so his film doesn’t keep tripping on them.

Download The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie , The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Download , The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Download ,Download The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ,Watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Online