As an American art student I have been heavily influenced, for better or for worse, by the Western canon in the visual arts, particularly the modern movements of The New York School, Minimalism, and Postminimalism. The art of these movements encourage me to play and experiment with my material, to embrace simplicity and process, to blend texture with form, to take risks and be willing to fail. Inspiration comes from music, as well. Minimalist composers and contemporary electronic musicians who use appropriation (sampling) and repetition provide the audible equivalent to the visual clarity, reiteration, and accretion I seek in my creative work. 









After working for years in a variety of science museums as an exhibit designer and fabricator, I am now channeling my energies into what I hope will be a rewarding and satisfying enterprise: the study and making of contemporary art. In 2012, I began a body of work that includes drawings, paintings, and sculptures. I have shown my work at the University of North Carolina-Asheville and at Non-Fiction Gallery in Savannah, Ga. This spring I will show my sculpture at ArtFields in Lake City, SC. I have a desire to create meaningful personal expressions and to teach contemporay art practice and theory at the college level. Beginning summer 2014 I will be enrolled at  Maryland Institute working toward a Master of Fine Arts in Studio degree.