History of the Phi Psi Chapter at KSC:

In a small room in Randall Hall 12 amazing women decided that they did not want to join just any sorority but instead sought out Delta Phi Epsilon and created a chapter at Keene State College officially chartering on March 31, 1984. 

International History of Delta Phi Epsilon:

March 17, 1917 Delta Phi Epsilon was founded at New York University Law School by our 5 founding "DIMES", Minna Goldsmith Mahler, Eva Effron Robin, Ida Bienstock Landau, Sylvia Steierman Cohn and Dorothy Cohen Schwartzman on the principles of Justice, Sisterhood, & Love, and the motto of esse quam videri, to be rather than to seem to be. There are 106 active chapters of Delta Phi Epsilon, represented by the colors royal purple & pure gold.





Colors: Royal Purple and Pure Gold

Mascot: The Unicorn

Flower: The Lovely Purple Iris

Motto: Esse Quam Videri- To be rather than to seem to be

Magazine: The Triad

Badge: 21 pearls surrounding a gold equilateral triangle

Jewel: Pearl

5 S's: Self, Sisterhood, Service, Social, Scholarship


Delta Phi Epsilon

Phi Psi Chapter at Keene State College

Esse Quam Videri