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The Reason for Using Enclosure for Bathtub



When we consider using the enclosure for bathtub instead of a curtain, we might have seen it from the investment value. Enclosure for shower or bathtub corner could be more expensive than the curtain. But, the function and the durability of the enclosure are worthy. The enclosure is not just for covering us while we are showering but also for keeping the water out into another part of the bathroom.Do you want to learn more? Visit grandhomedesign.




















The enclosure will prevent water splashing out on the floor while we are taking a bath. By using enclosure around our bathtub, we will not have a wet bathroom. When we are taking shower or bath, we will focus on cleaning ourselves. We will not realize that the water splashing everywhere while we are taking shower or bath. When we use a shower curtain, we may be able to prevent too much water on the bathroom floor which comes from the shower or bathtub. But, it will not do so much. It will have a leak where the water can be out from the shower. The enclosure will be able to prevent any leak from the water.

Besides preventing water from being out on the bathroom floor, the enclosure will give us a total privacy while we are taking bath or shower. We usually are not comfortable when someone accidentally enter the bathroom while we are taking a shower. The enclosure design can be made based on what we want. It does not always have to be transparent glass.