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Mothers deserve a much better break than the hectic, shrill and dismally unpleasant Moms' Night Out (* out of four; rated PG; opening Friday in select cities).Ads make it look like a wacky outing featuring fun-loving moms and clueless dads.But there's no fun to be had — and not a drop of originality — in this chaotic and contrived mess.Outlandish high jinks are underscored by an inspirational message that seems out of place in this slapstick misfire. The gently religious message might have come across better if the film had been even remotely subtle.

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Allyson (Sarah Drew) is a frantic stay-at-home mom who has it all, but doesn't seem to appreciate any of it. Instead she's a weepy, complaining clean freak who even whines about her favorite glittery high heels. They used to make her legs look so good, she complains, but now she rarely has a chance to wear them.(Download Moms' Night Out) It's tough to feel for Allyson and her glamorous First World problems.When her children prepare her breakfast on Mother's Day, she overlooks their exuberant sweetness. All she can see is the possibility of salmonella.Best known for her part on Grey's Anatomy, Drew does little to humanize a harried character that comes off more annoying than relatable.Her husband, Sean (Sean Astin), suggests his stressed-out wife take time for herself.What follows is unadulterated idiocy.Allyson plans a Saturday night out with pals Izzy (Andrea Logan White) and Sondra (Patricia Heaton).

Initially intending to have dinner in an upscale restaurant, the night becomes a madcap and nightmarish escapade for the maternal trio, featuring trips to a scuzzy tattoo parlor, and the local jail, with a poorly filmed car chase shoehorned in between.The story feels cobbled together from other movies. Its view of harried moms and hapless dads is stereotypical and simplistic. Pets go AWOL, cars disappear and children require emergency medical treatment. And this is just the dads' doing.(Download Moms' Night Out) Some plot points don't jibe with the overall theme, and characters' actions often don't make sense. Sondra sports a tattoo of Donny Osmond, but went to a Woodstock reunion? How does this even line up?So much of the story is clichéd and derivative. An early scene of the moms walking in slow motion a là Reservoir Dogs is ridiculously played out.Worse, the tone is jarring, careening between raucous physical gags and potential tragedy as if they're equal on the zany shenanigans scale.

The whereabouts of a baby belonging to Alyson's sister-in-law Bridget (Abbie Cobb) are unclear. He's not with her ex-husband Joey (Harry Shum Jr.) and not in the tattoo parlor where Joey left him. Why would a religious-themed film play a missing baby for laughs?Alyson ultimately realizes raising kids is an important job and that God loves her.(Download Moms' Night Out) Somehow she didn't know this before."Jesus will always love you just for being you," a wise biker named Bones (Trace Adkins) tells her.Lovely sentiments, but Jesus might prefer that Allyson work on being less of a pouty whiner.Celebrating motherhood with a sloppy, humorless story and a facile sermon pays dubious tribute to this essential role."Moms' Night Out" is a hectic mess that does just the opposite of what it clearly set out to do: It makes motherhood seem like one of the most ill-conceived ideas since New Coke.

This would-be comedy, directed by brothers Andrew Erwin and Jon Erwin, doesn't do the institution of fatherhood — or marriage, for that matter — any favors either.It takes a grueling half-hour for the film's three suburban moms — wildly neurotic blogger Allyson (Sarah Drew),(Download Moms' Night Out) best friend Izzy (Andrea Logan White) and pastor's wife Sondra (Patricia Heaton, who executive produced with actor-husband David Hunt) — to hit the road for a much-needed night on the town.But following a failed attempt at fine dining and some consolation bowling, the trio ends up on a nutty, interminable search for Ally's sister-in-law's (Abbie Cobb) missing baby. So much for the gals' fun — and ours. Tattoo parlors, police stations, a plucky British cab driver (Hunt), fisticuffs, car chases and a motorcycle gang factor into the women's ridiculous pursuit, to stultifying effect.

Meanwhile, Allyson's workaholic husband (Sean Astin), his man-child bachelor bud (Kevin Downes, also a producer) and Izzy's inanely phobic spouse (Robert Amaya) do nutty, irresponsible stuff while baby sitting the smaller kids. It all strains to dovetail with the women's mayhem.(Download Moms' Night Out) While the characters are mostly one-dimensional and the children here merely props, whiny and overwhelmed main mom Allyson proves a particularly galling, unfunny creation.The film has a faith-based quotient, with ample spiritual references, including a nice climactic speech by a kindly biker (well played by Trace Adkins) to satisfy devout viewers. But overall messaging here, thanks to the hapless script by Andrea Nasfell and Jon Erwin, evokes the Doris Day era far more than the Twitter age.Somewhere between a Lifetime movie and a Nickelodeon sitcom exists Moms' Nights Out, a raunch-free romp made to be suffered through by the whole family. What this PG comedy lacks in cursing, it also comes up short on plot, character development, originality, and overall pleasure.

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Sarah Drew plays Allyson, a young mother tightly wound to preposterous degree who, lacking inspiration for her mommy blog, plans a dinner with her best friend (Andrea Logan White) and the local pastor's wife (Patricia Heaton, who also produced).(Download Moms' Night Out) But oh, aren't we in for a treat because when moms go out and dads are left to watch the kids, zany things happen!Your enjoyment of Moms' Night Out hinges entirely on whether you find humor in such wacky occurrences as screwing up a dinner reservation (oh no!) or visiting a tattoo parlor (the drama!). The low-impact plot relies on fleeting turns from folks including Sean Astin and Trace Adkins, who exist only to deliver the film's arbitrary religious sermon. It's a shame that this glossy production doesn't seem to realize it's actually promoting an altogether different message: when moms dare to leave the house, everything goes wrong.

Download Moms' Night Out movie , Moms' Night Out Download , Moms' Night Out Movie Download ,Download Moms' Night Out ,Watch Moms' Night Out Online