“…the planet was an expression of energy, a machine being driven by its sun…”
                                                                                                        -Excerpt from Children of Dune













my research pursuits have been driven by the fundamental desire to understand planetary ‘machinery’. Understanding the mechanisms driving planetary dynamics, specifically with respect to the cryosphere.The response of large ice masses such as Antarctica and Greenland and their contribution to future sea level rise in a changing climate is my research focus.


















assistant professor - email: dlampkin@atmos.umd.edu / phone: 301-405-7797 / coordinate: rm 3423 CSS bldg.

Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences | University of Maryland

our research group examines a range of geophysical processes related to glacial dynamics, supraglacial hydrology, atmosphere and ice interactions. we use satellite data analysis, field measurements and modeling to study ice sheet processes to further understand changes in ice sheet mass balance and mass contribution to sea level rise. our research is funded by both NASA and NSF


















Derrick Lampkin


Cryosphere Scientist





""Below the 40th latitude there is no law; below the 50th no god; below the 60th no common sense and below the 70th no intelligence whatsoever."    


                                            -Kim Stanley Robinson









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