This part of my site is focused around the music that's come along with me as i've been travelling about from place to place. I've often ended up in strange foreign places and it can all be rather confusing, that is of course until i've whacked some appropriately phat tuneage on that makes it all make sense! I've got this little MP3 device that can record live FM radio directly, which definately provides an interesting perspective on the popular music scene of the countries i've visited!  


                         I would say that this basically counts as a peculiar form of 'remote-DJ'ing.'


So for each country i've put together a small playlist of the most stand out tunes from my experience, whether I heard them the radio, clubs, bars, was force-fed them by others or just felt appropriate for no particular reason. I've tried to make things as user-freindly as possible... 







                Click these icons below (or any track in the tracklisting) to open up a Youtube playlist 

               Click these icons to open up live FM radio recordings made travelling through each country

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So here is my soundtrack! Don't worry, it's not all drum and bass or electronic music (or maybe you should be worried?!) 
There's a big range of styles from jungle to rock, from hip hop to blues I GUARANTEE there will be something for everyone here :)
Check out my DJ Mixes if you're looking for pure rinesage!